Anatomy test 2

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  1. Most layers dermis or epidermis?
    Epidermis-5 layers dermis-2 layers
  2. Function of skin
    Protection,  excretion, homeostasis of body temp etc
  3. Which layer are blood vessels located in the skin?
  4. Where does most mitosis occur in the skin?
    Stratum basal and germinal matrix
  5. Two types of sweat glands
    Eccrine - dermis  apocrine- hair follicles
  6. Surface film
    Has antifungal properties (is a secretion from sweat)
  7. Thicker layer of skin?
  8. Epidermis is composed of ______ cells
  9. Which structure stores minerals?
  10. Part of the bone that produces blood cells
    Red bone marrow
  11. How do long bones increase in length?
    Epiphyseal plates expand and harden
  12. How do long bones increase in thickness?
    Osteoblasts form new bone on the diaphysis
  13. 3 types of bone cell and places found
    Osteoblasts -periosteum osteoclasts- bone lining of medullary cavity  osteocytes- in lacunae and trabeculae
  14. Bones form from what process?
    Endochondrial ossification
  15. Tissue that binds broken bond together
  16. Toughest, most durable cartilage
    Fibro cartilage
  17. Bone marking that compose hard palate
    Palatine process and horizontal process
  18. Bones of nasal septum
    Vomer and perpendicular plate
  19. Long bone?
    Femur and phalanges
  20. Forms a resting place for pituitary gland
    Sphenoid bone
  21. Secondary spinal curves
    Cervical and lumbar
  22. Olfactory nerve passes through the ________
    Ethmoid bone
  23. Axial vs appendicular?
    Axial - skull and spine  appendicular- all the rest
  24. Irregular shaped bone?
    Vertebrae,  patella
  25. # of cervical vertebrae?  Thoracic? Lumbar?
    7 cervical 12 thoracic 5 lumbar
  26. Synarthrosis joint
    Permits no movement. Ex. Sutures of skull and teeth
  27. Amphiarthrosis
    Slight movement ex. Pubic symphisis and intervertebral disks
  28. Diathrosis
    Freely move able joint ex. Knee and elbow
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