Unit 10 Vocab Words

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  1. Decriminalize
    • v. to make legal/remove legal penalties
    • Example: The majority of the United States has moved to decriminalize being non-heterosexual.
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  2. Incriminate
    • v. to reveal guilt or make someone appear guilty
    • Example: The killer planted the evidence on purpose to incriminate the man.
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  3. Recrimination
    • n. an counter accusation or reply
    • Example: The lawsuit degraded to the lawyers just responding with personal recriminations
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  4. Culpable
    • adj. deserving blame
    • Example: The woman was obviously culpable of the crime since she was caught with the weapon.
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  5. Culprit
    • n. one responsible for the crime.
    • Example: In Case Closed, the culprit is often shown before the main character.
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  6. Mea Culpa
    • interjection. uttered to show responsibility for a wrong.
    • Example: "Mea culpa" soon became Clumsy Cara's new catchphrase.
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  7. Onus
    • n. burden or obligation/duty
    • Example: Weiss refused to disclose her onus to her friends, as she felt it was hers and hers alone.
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  8. Onerous
    • adj. unpleasant or burdensome
    • Example: I faced the onerous pile of homework with new-found determination.
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  9. Exonerate
    • v. to prove not guilty
    • Example: The new evidence was not sufficient to exonerate the suspect.
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  10. Approbation
    • n. praise or approval
    • Example: Receiving approbation from the people who mean the most to you is the most gratifying feeling.
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  11. Reprobate
    • n. a dishonest person
    • Example: Although I try not to be, I have a habit of acting like an irritable reprobate.
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  12. Reprove
    • v. to scold or criticize
    • Example: I harshly reproved myself after I couldn't learn the simple piano piece.
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