Science & Ethics

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  1. Wat zijn voorbeelden voor niet-morele waarden?
    geluk, gezondheid, welzijn
  2. Wat zijn voorbeelden voor direct verplichtende waarden?
    het menselijke leven
  3. What is rationalism?
    The theory that all knowledge is obtained by logic (Descartes)
  4. What is empiricism?
    The theory that all knowledge is obtained by experience (
  5. What is science based on according to logical empirism?
    unbiased observations and logical reasoning
  6. What is science according to Bacon?
    The collection of data without any previous views
  7. What is a criterion for the scientific character of a statement?
    First verifiability was taken, later confirmability
  8. What is the empirical cyle?
    from singular empiric basis via generalisation to universal empirical laws to a theory to universal empirical laws.
  9. What is Popper's philosophy of science?
    Knowledge is fallible and theories always remain hypothetical; you can never know if you know the thruth
  10. What are the 4 components of a scientific paradigm according to Kuhn?
    • symbolic generalisations
    • methaphysical presuppositions
    • values
    • exemplars
  11. Wat zijn de 4 basis waarden van Merton?
    • communism
    • universalism
    • disinterestedness
    • organized scepticism
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