AN E 10W Final Exam: essay

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AN E 10W Final Exam: essay
2014-03-18 09:04:32
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  1. What are the major religious myths associated with Jerusalem?
  2. What is the Axis Mundi and how does it relate to Jerusalem in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
    • -focal point of the world
    • -Judaism: temple mount
    • -Christianity: holy church of the sepulcher
    • -Islam: dome of the rock
  3. Describe the role of the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem╩╝s religious history
    • -kept in solomons temple┬á
    • -holy of holies
    • -commandments
    • -killed uzzah
  4. What is Jerusalem's role in Islamic history and religion?
    • -temple mount is the first direction of prayer
    • -dome of the rock
    • -muhammad
  5. What role did Jerusalem have in the early Zionist movement and why?
    • -when jerusalem officially became the capital of israel
    • -wanted to reestablish jerusalem
    • -central to jerusalem
  6. How has physical Geography shaped Jerusalem as sacred space?
    • -mountains
    • -gihon spring
  7. How has Geography impacted the political and economic history of Jerusalem?
    • -surrounded by valleys for protected
    • -limited amount of natural resources including oil
    • -weak from the northside
  8. Identify at least four major turning points in Jerusalem's history from antiquity to the modern period. Explain why you think each one is important.
    • 1.King David establishes Jerusalem as the capitol city of Israel
    • 2.King Solomon built first temple
    • 3. Crucifixion of Jesus
    • 4. 1967: free access by all religions