Ch 8 Words Part 1

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  1. cardiovascular system
    • movement and transport of blood
    • consists of heart and blood vessels
  2. functions of the cardiovascular system
    • propulsion of blood by heart
    • transport of blood to body tissues
    • exchange of materials between blood and body tissue
  3. cardiology
    division on medicine that provides clinical treatment for heart disease
  4. cardiologist
    • physician who specializes in the heart
    • treats conditions associated with blood vessels
  5. angina pectoris
    • chest pain
    • primary symptom of an insufficient supply of oxygen to the heart
  6. angiospasm
    abnormal muscular contractions or spams of the smooth muscles of the vessels
  7. angiosteosis
    condition of narrowing blood vessels
  8. arrhythmia
    condition of without rhythm
  9. dysrhythmia
    abnormal heart rhythm
  10. bradycardia
    • slow heart
    • under 60bpm
  11. cardiodynia
    condition of pain
  12. cardiogenic
    symptom or sign that originates from a condition of the heart
  13. cardioplegia
    heart becomes paralyzed
  14. cyanosis
    • blue tinge in the skin and mucous
    • caused by oxygen deficiency by cardiovascular disease
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