Ch 8 Words Part 8

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  1. implantable cardioverter defibrillator
    • ICD
    • electrodes directly on the heart if defibrillation needed during surgery
  2. Doppler sonography
    ultrasound procedure that evaluates blood flow through a blood vessel
  3. echocardiography/ cardiac ultrasonography
    ultrasound procedure that directs sound waves through the heart to observe heart structures in an effort to evaluate heart functions
  4. stress ECHO
    performed during and after exercise to reproduce the dysfunction for closer evaluation
  5. echocardiogram
    record or image of data from a echocardiography
  6. electrocardiography
    electrodes pasted to the skin of the chest to detect and record electrical events of the heart conduction system
  7. electrocardiogram
    • ECG, EKG
    • record or image data of data from electrocardiography
  8. stress ECG
    ECG measured during physical activity using a treadmill or stationary bicycle
  9. embolectomy
    surgical excision, removal of a floating blood clot or embolus
  10. endarterectomy
    surgical procedure; removal of the inner lining of an artery to remove fatty plaque
  11. Holter monitor
    • portable electrocardiograph worn by patient to monitor electrical activity of the heart over 24 hour periods
    • determine periodic or transient cardiac abnormalities
  12. nitroglycerin
    drug that is commonly used as an emergency vasodilator as treatment for severe angina pectoris or MI
  13. phlebectomy
    surgical removal of a vein
  14. phlebotomy
    puncture into a vein to remove blood for sampling or donation
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