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  1. Favela Rising
    Matt Mochary and Jeff ZimbalistKey Terms: Anderson Sa, Brazil, Drug Trafficking, Slums, Grupo AfroReggae
  2. The Take
    Avi Lewis and Naomi Klein Key Terms: Expropriation, Occupy Resist Produce, Forja, Buenos Aires Argentina, El Modelo, IMF (International Monetary Fund), Carlos Menem, Privatization
  3. A Prison in the Fields
    Ashley Hunt Key Terms: Delano, Delano 1, Delano 2, Caesar Chavez, Fields
  4. Robert D. Bullard
    Environmental Justice in the 21st Century
  5. Studs Terkel
    "Frances Moore Lappe" in Hope Dies LastKey terms: Hope, bucket and raindrop, Wangari Masai, Democracy isn't something we have, it is something we do. Power is our capacity to act.
  6. Maude Barlow
    Our Water Commons: Toward a new freshwater narrative
  7. Mike Davis
    Planet of Slums Key Terms: Housing is a verb, pueblos jóvenes, urbanization, Megacities (8 million) Hypercity (excess of 20 million, Desakotas (city villages, transitional landscape or new species or urbanism), neoliberal transition, in situ, "Overurbanization is driven by the reproduction of poverty not the supply of jobs.", favelization, Megaslums, edge cities, squatting, Pirate Ubranization-- privatization of squatting,
  8. Joseph Stiglitz
    Equal Opportunity, our National Myth Key terms: Obama, 2nd inaugural address, equality, Social and Upward Mobility, education, economic segregation
  9. Angela Y. Davis
    Are Prisons Obsolete? Key Terms: "Prison Industrial Complex" "We take prisons for granted.. After all no one wants to go to prison... it would be to agonizing to cope with the possibility that anyone, including ourselves, cold become a prisoner, we tend to think of the prison as disconnected from our own lives.", Abandonment, Prisons, Global Capitalism, "Free world"
  10. Jeffrey Reiman
    The Rich Get Richer and The Poor Get PrisonKey Terms: Mirror, Carnival Mirror, Criminal Justice System,"Poverty hurts, injures, and kills— just like crime", A crime by any other name, Not all the worst actions are "labeled" crime, "Blinders we wear when we look at such an "accident.", Labeling, Portrait of the Inmate: He, young, urban, black, Poverty exists because we allow it to exist,
  11. Asha Bandele
    The Prisoner's Wife Key Terms: Rashid, A minute, "Have I said that prison is a fire that seems to always be able to roar the loudest, to spread the furthest, to swallow the most, and to spare the least?"
  12. Joelle Fraser
    An American Seduction: Portrait of a Prison Town Key Terms: ""the profound truth of a prison town is that its future is sentenced as surely as the inmates." COs, Susanville, High Desert State Prison
  13. Daina Stukuls Eglitis
    The Uses of Global Poverty: How Economic Inequality Benefits the West Key Terms: "dirty work", raw goods, dumping grounds, blue light special
  14. Tim Sullivan (Sullivan, et. al.)
    State of the Dream 2012: The Emerging Majority Key Terms: Martin Luther King JR., projections for 2042, Racism, White Supremacy, Demographic changes: white becoming minority but still holding all the wealth, Unemployment
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