Administration of Medications by IV

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  1. If a prolonged course of treatment is anticipated, start the IV in the ___?
  2. To avoid irritation and leakage from a previous puncture site, the subsequent venipuncture sites should be made ___ the earlier site.
  3. Always ________ when starting an IV to prevent transmission of any infectious disease.
    wear gloves
  4. Most clinical practice sites now use transparent dressings over IV insertion sites and are generally changed every ___ hours.
  5. All IV solution bagss/bottles should be changed every ___ hours to minimize the development of new infections. Label all IV solutions with the ___ and _____ and the nurse's ______.
    24; date and time and the nurses initials.
  6. IV administration sets used to deliver blood or blood products should be changed ___ each unit is administered.
  7. ____ and ______ MUST be monitored accurately when a patient is receiving IV fluids.
    Intake and Output
  8. NEVER start and IV in an ____
  9. Whenever possible, initiate the IV in the ____ _____ arm.
    non- dominate
  10. Do not initiate an IV in an arm with compromised lymphatic or venous flow such as a patient who has had a _____ or in an extremity with a ____ catheter or shunt inserted.
    Mastectomy; apheresis
  11. Avoid the use of blood vessels over ____ or ____ unless absolutely necessary.
    bony prominences or joints
  12. In the older adult, using the veins in the hand area may be a poor choice because of the fragility of the ____ and ____ in this area.
    skin and veins
  13. Veins commonly used in infants and children for IV administrations are on the back of the ___, dorsum of the ____, or the ____ region of the scalp.
    hand, foot, temporal
  14. When possible, avoid using the veins of the lower extremities because of the danger of developing _____ and _____.
    thrombi and emboli
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