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  1. Wizard of odds
    About the likelihood of shark attacks/cancer etc.most likely causes of death.
  2. Facebook photos doom workers comp claim
    guy who didn't get his disability benefits continued when he had pictures of him drinking and having fun
  3. social media snares swindlers
    lady gets caught for fraud and so does some guy. He said he couldnt lift 10 pounds but had pics online of him lifting 500.
  4. Wealth Matter Weighing the Odds of Disability for Insurance Purposes
    talks about whether people should buy disability insurance
  5. Whatever happened to the 100 year event
    Talks about how people underestimate things because they say they only occur 1 in 100.
  6. arranging help club insurance
    talks about how their insurance company picks fitness clubs to insure.
  7. When I was 18
    Kid gets in a car crash
  8. TCOR bottomline
    how total cost of risk can increase firm value
  9. CFO presence can curb insurance prices
    Cfo's should be interested in risk and talk to insurance companies.
  10. deloitte survey article
    talks about how firms are increasing their risk budgets
  11. on location
    the film guy in the sahara desert
  12. how toyota lost its way
    toyota's weird rm strategies. recalls of vehicles and the disputes with management over a hatchback car and suv's
  13. bars often roll the dice on liquor liability coverage
    exactly what it sounds like. takes place in new orleans
  14. Raw materials can ruin the best laid plans
    supply chains of other people can mess you up
  15. reputational Risk within Retail Supply Chains
    Bangledash garment factory went down, causing uproar.
  16. nc sate survey article
    asked ceo's and managers about what the biggest risks are
  17. Insurance and telematics How’s my driving The Economis
    talks about progressive's plug in thingy
  18. Superstorm Alters Companies’ Risk Focus
    now companies are worried about risk.
  19. risks under the big top
    circus people
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