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  1. What does photosynthesis mean?
    Making something with light.
  2. What does photosynthesis do?
    converts sunlight energy into chemical energy using metabolic pathways and enzymes stored in the stroma and hollow thylakoids
  3. What is a chloroplast?
    organelle of p.s. P.s. takes place there
  4. What is the structure of a chloroplast?
    double membraned
  5. What is a thylakoid?
    The chloroplasts inner membrane, hollow disks which contain chlorophyll
  6. What are grana?
    the name for the stack of hollow disks, surrounded by stroma
  7. What are cristae?
    The folding of the inner membrane of the mitochondria
  8. What are stroma?
    semi-fluid matrix between thylakoid membrane and the two outer chlorplast membranes
  9. What is chlorophyll?
    special pigmented proteins that trap sunlight energy
  10. What is the chemical equation for photosynthesis?
    6CO2+ 6H2O yields (with sunlight and chlorophyll) C6H12O6 + 6O2
  11. What are the two main steps of photosynthesis?
    Light Dependent Reactions (LDR) and Light Independent Reactions (LIR)
  12. What is the function of LDR?
    to make fuel from sunlight
  13. What four things does LDR need?
    • sunlight energy
    • H2O (split into H's, electrons, and O's)
    • Chlorophyll
    • Enzymes
  14. What does LDR do?
    • Makes ATP from H's from water
    • NADPH2 carries the electrons from water
  15. What is waste from LDR?
  16. Where does LDR occur?
    Thylakoid membranes
  17. What is the function of LIR?
    to make fuel from sunlight
  18. What two other names is LIR known by?
    • the Dark Reactions
    • the Calvin Cycle
  19. What four things does LIR need?
    • Enzymes
    • RuBP
    • Fuel from LDR (NADPH2 and ATP)
    • CO2
  20. What does LIR do?
    • Makes sugar (glucose)
    • Energy from ATP and NADPH2 is used to place H's on CO2
    • Regenerates RuBP so this process can continue
  21. Where does the LIR occur?
    in the stroma
  22. How is extra sugar stored?
    as starch
  23. How is the sugar used?
    • some converted to plant pieces and parts
    • some used to make ATP for the plant
    • Animals eat plants for their energy needs
  24. What is photolysis?
    The splitting of chemical compounds by means of light energy or photons--in p.s. water molecules are photolyzed-- photons make hydrogen bind to an acceptor which releases oxygen
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