Bran matters Exam 2

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  1. Three functions of saltatory conduction of axons
    1Passive conduction (instant and decremented) along each myelin segment to next node of Ranvier

    2New action potential generated at each node

    3Conduction along myelin segments results in faster conduction than in unmyelinated axons
  2. Overview of Neural Conduction &Synaptic Transmission (Think about axon, synapse, dendrites, myelin sheath, axon hillock, node of ranvier)
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  3. Consequence of losing CNS myelin
    Multiple sclerosis– Symptoms typically come & go but can become permanent
  4. PNS myelin via Schwann cell (2 functions)
    PNS Schwann cell myelination makes axonal conduction more efficient (explained earlier)• PNS Schwann cell myelinationfacilitates axonal re-growth when it is damaged
  5. CNS myelin via oligodendrocytes
    CNS oligodendrocytemyelination makes axonal conduction more efficient• CNS oligodendrocytemyelination (at least) does NOT facilitate axonal re-growth when it is damaged
  6. 3 ways Schwann cells differ from Oligodendroglia Cells
    1. Schwann cells only in PNS while Oligodendroglia cells only in CNS2. # of myelin segments provided per glia cell1 Schwann cell = 1 myelin segment 1 Oligodendroglia = many myelin segments3. Guide for axonal regeneration?Schwann cell aids axonal regrowth in damaged neuronsOligodendroglia does not aid axonal regrowth in damaged neuronsImage Upload
  7. Function of Glia Cells depends upon the type

  8. More glia cells than neurons in CNS
  9. Microglia 2 functions
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