science 13

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  1. digestion
    the process by which an organism breaks down its food into small units which can be absorbed
  2. vitamin
    a chemical substances essential for the normal working of the human body
  3. what keeps food from going down your larynx
    the epiglottis
  4. what would happen to the digestive process if the pancreas stopped making the base that it uses to neutralize stomach acid
    x if the pancreas stoped making a base that is used to destoy the acid the acid would stay in the stomach destroying the effect of the digestive chemicals and the digestive process stops in the small intestine
  5. what are fat soluble vitamins
    vitamin a, d, e, k
  6. which vitamins are most to build up toxic levels in the body if you take too many
    fat soluble
  7. what kind of role do most vitamins play in the body
    they act as regulators of the chemical processes wich occur in the body
  8. which two vitamins can the body absorb without eating food that contains those vitamins
    vitamin d vitamin k
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