Carpentry 1 - Fasteners, Adhesives and Sealants

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  1. Which finish is best suited for fasteners intended for constant exterior use?
    Hot galvanized
  2. Which nail is commonly used for form-work and bracing?
  3. Which nail, meant for exterior use, has an oval head?
  4. Which nail is the best choice to apply underlay flooring materials?
    Ring shank
  5. What 3 characteristics are designated for screws?
    • 1. Gauge (width)
    • 2. Length 
    • 3. Type of head
  6. What is the common shape of a drywall screw head?
  7. What is the major difference between wood and sheet metal screws?
    • Sheet metal has very sharp point
    • Wood has a smooth shank
  8. Which fastener has screw threads at one end and machine threads at the other end?
    Hanger bolt
  9. What is the distinguishing feature of a carriage bolt?
    Round, dome head with a short, square shank which sinks to prevent turning
  10. What is the one thing that is critical to the proper performance of most anchors?
    Increase holding power by increasing friction or pressure
  11. Which type of anchor wedges tighter as it is withdrawn?
    Wedge/sleeve anchor
  12. Which hollow wall anchor can NOT be reattached to after it is disassembled?
    Toggle bolt
  13. What are the 3 basic categories of adhesives?
    • 1. Natural
    • 2. Synthetic (non-reactive)
    • 3. Synthetic (reactive)
  14. What is polyvinyl (PV) acetate glue commonly known as?
    White or yellow wood working glue (carpentry glue)
  15. Which glue requires both surfaces to be coated and allowed to dry before adhering?
    Contact cement
  16. Which glue requires application in a special pattern so that the air is not trapped behind the material?
    Panel adhesives
  17. What is a powder and water mix adhesive that is an excellent choice for gluing outdoor furniture?
    Plastic (urea) resin
  18. Which non-hardening sealant is often used to stop the passage of sound and air?
    Acoustical sealant
  19. What is the property of having the ability to return to its original shape after distortion called?
  20. What designation will be on the label of caulking that has additives to prevent moulds and mildews from forming?
    Tub and tile
  21. What is the base material for butyl caulking?
  22. Installing caulking properly involves a ______ motion with the caulking gun.
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