Carpentry 1 - Hand Tools

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  1. List the 3 common ways to indicate on-centre spacing on a tape measure.
    • 1. Triangles
    • 2. Diamonds
    • 3. Highlighted numbers
  2. Name 3 good choices for pencils for general carpentry use.
    • 1. HB
    • 2. F
    • 3. 2H
  3. What layout tool would you to copy the shape from the side of a rock fireplace onto the panel you'll cut to fit against it?
  4. If you need to accurately draw an arc much larger than your compass can handle, which tool could you use for this task?
    Trammel points
  5. List 4 typical uses of a combination square.
    • 1. Trying an edge
    • 2. Laying out square lines
    • 3. Laying out 45 degree lines
    • 4. Scribing a parallel line
  6. When attached to a framing square, a pair of _______ makes repetitive angle marking much easier?
    square gauges
  7. The ______ may be used to copy or transfer an angle from an existing layout.
    sliding T-Bevel
  8. Transferring a point from the layout lines to the bottom of an excavation can be easily done using a ______.
    plumb bob
  9. How should you compensate for a level which does not read perfectly level when you are laying out a long level line on a wall?
    By flipping level horizontally before marking the next line
  10. Which layout tool can be used to make long layout lines on a subfloor or other surface?
    Chalk line
  11. Straightening a wall or form work by using a _____ and ______ for a reference.
    String line; spacer block
  12. What are 2 common uses for a bench plane?
    • 1. Jointing
    • 2. Surfacing
  13. Which plane has the blade installed with the bevel up?
    Block plane
  14. What type of chisel is best suited for cutting the hinge gains into the edge a door? (2)
    Bevel edge OR but chisel
  15. A ____ chisel is used to cut unwanted concrete out of an opening
  16. When cutting plastic laminate the cutter should have a _______ cutting tip
  17. What are the 2 basic types of teeth found on handsaws?
    • 1. Rip
    • 2. Cross-cut
  18. Which saw would you use to cut the profile of a moulding to joint at an inside corner?
    Coping saw
  19. What color are the handles of metal snips that are used for general purpose straight cutting?
  20. Files and rasps are made to cut on the ____ or _____ stroke.
    push or forward
  21. What should you use to clean the teeth of a file or rasp? (2)
    File card or wire brush
  22. What is a woodscraper used to remove? (3)
    • 1. Glue
    • 2. Paint
    • 3. Finishes
  23. What are 2 reasons why the faces of some hammers are belled or crowned?
    • 1. It allows the nail to be driven to the surface without marring the surface
    • 2. It automatically corrects off-centre strikes to minimize nail deflection and bending
  24. Which hammer is used to drive pegs and align heavy framework?
    Heavy sledge hammer
  25. Describe the shape on of a tip on a nail set?
    Cup shape (concave) and chambered tip to hold the nail
  26. Very short-bladed screwdrivers are known as ____ screwdrivers
  27. What is the designated colour for the handle of a #2 Robertson screwdriver?
  28. Which pliers are used most for gripping, twisting, and cutting wire?
    Lineman's pliers
  29. Which type of clamp is recommended for use with machinery?
    C clamp
  30. A ____ or ____ clamp is a good choice for clamping awkward or irregular shaped objects.
    web; band
  31. What should wooden-handled chisels be struck with?
    Wooden mallet
  32. What is a firmer chisel used for?
    Rough carpentry
  33. What angle should you hold a rip handsaw at?
    60 degrees to the wood
  34. What angle should you hold a cross-cut saw at?
    45 degrees to the wood
  35. What is a keyhole saw?
    Finer, narrower version of the compass saw. Both are used to cut curves and circles, and to cut service holes in drywall
  36. What direction do red handled snips cut?
  37. What direction do green handled snips cut?
  38. What should a sanding block be made of?
    Piece of wood that is softer than the material you are sanding
  39. List the 3 types of auger bits.
    • 1. Solid centre
    • 2. Single twist
    • 3. Double twist
  40. What is the other name for a flat slot tip screwdriver?
    Keystone screwdriver
  41. Describe a posidrive tip screwdriver.
    Shaped like a cross, similar to the Philips, but Philips tips do not fit these screws properly and will ruin these screw heads --- less tapered.
  42. What are the 4 color indicators of a Robertson tipped screwdriver?
    • #0 (yellow)
    • #1 (green)
    • #2 (red)
    • #3 (black)
  43. Why should you avoid using quick-grip clamps to hold jigs or guides to machinery?
    Machine vibrations may cause these clamps to loosen
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