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  1. Why is the younger a man gets prostate cancer the worse it is
    because of hormones
  2. 1 in how many men will get prostate cancer
    1 in 6
  3. What is the most common age for prostate cancer
  4. Prostate cancer is found concurrently with waht benign disease
    • BPH
    • benign prostatic hyperplasia
  5. Prostate cancer spreads to
    bone#1, liver and brain
  6. What is the clinical presentation for prostate cancer
    • #1 dysuria
    • decreased urinary stream
    • frequency
    • difficulty in starting urination
    • hematuria
  7. When should rectal exams begin for a man
  8. What is a normal PSA
    4ng or less
  9. Hormone therapy can be used in tx of prostate cancer to
    regress the tumor
  10. What is the dose to the seminal vesicles
    54-56 GY
  11. What is the dose to the prostate
  12. Which radioisotope is used to treat prostate cancer
    • PD103
    • or
    • I1125
  13. Side effects from rad tx of prostate
    • diarrhea
    • abdominal cramping
    • rectal discomfort
    • rectal bleeding
    • proctitis
    • frequency or urgency in urination
    • sexual impotence
  14. Testicular cancers are rare but what age are they found in
  15. What are the 2 histologies of testis cancer and which is #1
    • seminoma#1 95% are germ cell
    • non seminoma
  16. What is the clinical presentation for testicular cancer
    painless swelling or mass in the scrotum
  17. What is the tx for testicular cancer
    orchiectomy and RT
  18. What are 2 levels that are elevated that are give aways for testicular cancer
    elevated AFP and HCG
  19. Which nodes do we always include with testicular rt
    para aortics and ipsilateral pelvic nodes
  20. Penile cancer are rare but what is the pathology
    squamous cell
  21. What is the most common spread for penile cancer
    • inguinal LN and
    • also by blood to the lung liver, bone, brain
  22. What is a tx dose to the penis for RT
    65-70 Gy include inguinal nodes up to 45
  23. Testicular is higher in men with
    undescended testicles
  24. The prostate gland lies ____ to the bladder and ____ to the rectum
    • inferior
    • anterior
  25. Gleason developed a grading system based on the degree of differentiation seen in tissue samples. His system uses ____ different histological patterns
  26. The seminal vesicles lie ___ to the prostate and ___ to the rectum
    • superior
    • anterior
  27. Brachytherapy in the tx of prostate cancer would be LDR or HDR interstitial
    LDR interstitial
  28. What is an example of a hormone therapy for prostate cancer
  29. A common location for distant met from seminoma is
  30. The upper border of the inverted Y field for the management of early stage seminoma is at the level of ___ and the lower border is at the level of the
    • T10
    • symphysis pubis
  31. _____ assess differentiation of tissue sample
    • Gleason score
    • 2-4 well differentiated- good prognosis
    • 5-7 moderately differentiated-fair prognosis
    • 8-10 poorly differentiated-poor prognosis
  32. The most common type of kidney tumor is
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