Book the Third

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  1. Chapter 1: In Secret...1. What is significant about the fact that Darnay is placed under escort as soon as he
    • arrives in France.
    • It indicates how widespread the French Revolution has already become. As soon as Darnay - whose father and uncle were representative (to different degrees) of the class abuses being revolted against - enters the country, he is forced into the system being run by the Revolution. They are out for blood and, while not necessarily efficient, have support everywhere. The point is that he will not be able to escape alive in France because of who he is. They have him.
  2. Chapter 1: In Secret...2. What decree is passed by the revolutionary government of France the same day that
    Darnay leaves the safety of England to travel to Paris?
  3. Chapter 1: In Secret...3. Why does Defarge refuse to help Darnay by contacting Mr. Lorry at Tellson’s bank?
  4. Chapter 1: In Secret...4. In the prison, why does Darnay compare the aristocrats jailed with him to ghosts?
  5. Chapter 1: In Secret...5. What does it mean to be kept “in secret”?
  6. 1. What is the relationship between John Barsad and Miss Pross? How has he harmed her
    • in the past? Where has Sydney Carton seen him before?
    • 2. List the three “cards” Carton holds which will force Barsad to help him with his plan to
    • free Darnay.
    • 3. How does Jerry Cruncher help convince Barsad to cooperate with Carton?

    •  Chapter 9: The Game Made
    • 1. What reasons does Jerry Cruncher give to convince Mr. Lorry that it would not be fair of
    • him to fire Jerry from his Tellson’s job just because he is a grave robber?
    • 2. In what capacity does Barsad agree to help Carton?
    • 3. How is the theme of resurrection emphasized in this chapter? What is being suggested
    • about Carton’s plan?
    • 4. Who is Darnay’s third denouncer, who was not named in the previous chapter?

    •  Chapter 10: The Substance of the Shadow
    • 1. What narrative technique does Dickens employ in this chapter?
    • 2. Where has the doctor hidden his journal? How was the reading of this letter
    • foreshadowed earlier in the novel?
    • 3. Who are the two brothers who employ the Doctor?
    • 4. Why does the woman in the journal count to twelve over and over as part of her
    • feverish ravings?
    • 5. What happens to the woman’s brother, father, and younger sister?
    • 6. What is the significance of the title of this chapter? A TALE OF TWO CITIES—BOOK THE THIRD: THE TRACK OF A STORM
    • 7. What does the wife of the Marquis want from the doctor?
    • 8. What does the wife of the Marquis fear?
    • 9. How was Ernest Defarge, the wine shop owner, connected to Dr. Manette before his
    • imprisonment?
    • 10. What does the doctor say in this journal that condemns his son-in-law to death?
    • 11. Ironically, who else is condemned by the Doctor’s journal.
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