Insertions of Muscles

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  1. vertebral border of scapula (below spine)
    rhomboid major
  2. vertebral border of scapula (at base of spine)
    rhomboid minor
  3. vertebral border of scapula (above spine)
    levator scapulae
  4. coracoid process of scapula
    pectoralis minor
  5. entire length of vertebral border of scapula
    serratus anterior
  6. greater tubercle of humerus
    • pectoralis major
    • supraspinatus
    • infraspinatus
    • teres minor
  7. deltoid tuberosity of humerus
  8. lesser tubercle of humerus
    • subscapularis
    • teres major
  9. medial surface of humerus
  10. tuberosity of radius
    • biceps brachii (long head)
    • biceps brachii (short head)
  11. coronoid process of ulna
  12. olecranon process of ulna
    triceps brachii (long head, lateral head, medial head)
  13. styloid process of radius
  14. midshaft of radius
    pronator teres
  15. proximal surface of radius
  16. lesser trochanter of femur
    • psoas major
    • iliacus
  17. greater trochanter of femur
    • gluteus medius
    • gluteus minimus
    • piriformis
  18. upper posterior surface of femur and iliotibial tract
    gluteus maximus
  19. iliotibial tract
    tensor fasciae latae
  20. linea aspera of femur
    adductor magnus
  21. linea aspera of femur (middle)
    adductor longus
  22. linea aspera of femur (upper)
    adductor brevis
  23. proximal medial surface of tibia
    • gracilis
    • sartorius
    • semitendinosus
    • semimembranosus
  24. tibial tuberosity via the patella
    • rectus femoris
    • vastus lateral
    • vastus medialis
    • vastus intermedius
  25. head of fibula and lateral condyle of tibia
    biceps femoris (long head and short head)
  26. proximal portion of tibia
  27. calcaneus
    • gastrocnemius
    • soleus
  28. medial surface of 1st cuneiform and 1st metatarsal
    tibialis anterior
  29. dorsal surface of great toe
    extensor hallucis longus
  30. dorsal surface of phalanges 2-5
    extensor digitorum longus
  31. plantar surface of distal phalanx of great toe
    flexor hallucis longus
  32. plantar surface of distal phalanges of toes 2-5
    flexor digitorum longus
  33. plantar surfaces of navicular and adjacent bones of medial arch
    tibialis posterior

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Insertions of Muscles
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Insertions of muscles of the upper and lower limbs and of pelvic and pectoral girdles
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