Leukemia Board Study

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  1. What is the most common cancer in children
  2. What is Leukemia
    A disease of the hematopoietic system. Uncontrolled production of leukocytes that fail to mature
  3. What are the 2 categories of Leukemia
    • Acute-progresses quickly and is characterized by proliferation of undifferentiated cells in the bone marrow
    • Chronic is distinguished by a slower progression of disease and the uncontrolled expansion of mature cells and is harder to cure
  4. What is the typical age for ALL cancer
    Ages 2-3 and uncommon in persons older than 15
  5. Among the possible factors that predispose a person to leukemia is exposure to
    1. Ionizing radiation
    2. Benzene (poison)
    3. Chemo agents
    All 3
  6. What is the test for a definitive dx of leukemia
    Bone marrow biopsy
  7. What is the staging used for leukemia
    French American-British

    remember this because Leukemia is a typical children's cancer and kids are FAB even with cancer
  8. What is the tx of choice for leukemia
    • Chemo
    • Prednisone
    • vincristine
    • L-aspaginase
  9. What age is AML affected at
  10. Which leukemia is more popular with the adults

    **adult mainly leukemia**
  11. Typical age for CLL
    over age 40
  12. Which leukemia is the rarest

    **constantly missing leukemia
  13. Philadelphia Chromosome is linked to which cancer
  14. Abnormal hematopoietic stem cells give rise to the presence of ______ chromosome
  15. Which leukemia is only palliative with no cure
  16. What is the survival rates for ALL, AML, CLL, CML
    • All-85%
    • AML-20%
    • CLL-75%
    • CML- no cure
  17. What is thrombocytopenia
    decrease in thrombocytes/platelets
  18. What is leukoapheresis
    The sifting out of WBCs. selective withdrawl of leukocytes from withdrawn blood so that they can be re transfused
  19. What is teratogenic
    Causing physical defects in the developing embryo
  20. Where are Auer rods found
    Typically found in leukemia and more specifically AML. They are rod shaped structures present in the cytoplasm
  21. What is eccymoses
    a hemorrhagic spot in the skin. Looks round or irregular blue or purpilish
  22. When leukemic cells accumulate in the bone marrow, there is an impairment of the body's normal production of
  23. What does Weissses mean
    white blood
  24. What are the normal counts for
    • WBC 4,000-10,000
    • RBC 4-6 million
    • Platelets 150,000-500,000
  25. What are the 6 differential white blood cells
    • neutrophils
    • basophils
    • eosinophils
    • lymphocytes
    • monocytes
    • platelets
  26. Which of the leukemias is not assoc with previous irradiation
  27. How much margin when treating the spleen would you see around the spleen
  28. Which leukemia has a hereditary factor

    It has hereditary factor and not previous irradiation like the others
  29. What are the 3 types of bone marrow transplant and give a brief description of each
    • autologous- patients own marrow is cleaned and returned
    • allogenic- donor is compatible like a sister or even unrelated
    • syngenic- donor is identical twin
  30. What is lymphocytosis
    increase in lymphocytes and typically found in CLL
  31. Which leukemia is not usually treated until the pt is symptomatic
  32. Which leukemia can be confused with lymphoma
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