Lymphoma Board Study

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  1. Which lymphoma is sensitive to radiation
  2. Which lymphoma is usually only treated palliatively
  3. The lymphatic system flows in 1 direction. what are the 2 ducts of the lymphatic system
    • Thoracic duct/Right duct which only flows to rt arm and rt side of the neck
    • Upper thoracic that flows to the rest of the body
  4. What is the largest mass of lymphatic tissue
  5. What does the spleen do
    • filters blood
    • removes old blood cells
    • manufactures B lymphocytes for immunity
    • stores blood
    • does NOT filter lymph
  6. Which organ will take over and assume the spleen's function if the spleen is removed
    bone marrow and liver
  7. Where do T lymphocytes mature
  8. When flowing through the Thoracic duct, the lymph travels thru lower extremities to the ____ ____ and continues upward to the thoracic duct
    cisterna chyli
  9. Which lymphoma is predictable and orderly and is recognized by the Reed Sternberg cell

    **On criminal minds, the 2 characters are Reed and Hodge :)
  10. Peak ages for Hodgkins
    11-40 and then over 60
  11. What are the "B" symptoms assoc with lymphoma
    • night sweats
    • fever
    • weight loss
  12. What is the staging for Lymphoma?
    Per Tracey memorize this
    • Ann Arbor- It is divided up into A and B groups
    • A=lack of symptoms
    • B= symptoms
    • Stage 1-involvement of a single lymph node region excluding liver and bone marrow
    • Stage 2- involvement of 2 or more lymph node regions on the SAME side of the diaphragm.
    • Stage 3- Involvement of lymph node regions on both sides of the diaphragm which also may include the spleen
    • Stage 4- Multiple or disseminated foci or a single liver or bone marrow nodule
  13. How is Hodgkins typically treated
    Chemo and sometimes mixed with radiation
  14. What are the typical chemo drugs for Hodgkin's Lymphoma
    • ABVD
    • adriamycin (doxorubicin)
    • Bleomycin
    • Vinblastine
    • Dacarbazine
  15. How is the mantle field treated
    • AP/PA
    • it includes all major lymph nodes above the diaphragm.
    • Superior border- inferior portion of mandible
    • Inferior border- insertion of the diaphragm
    • Laterally-cover the axillary nodes
  16. What do you try to block with treating with a mantle field
    Block as much lung as possible, the larynx, and humeral heads and block heart around 30GY
  17. What is the inverted Y treatment for Hodgkins
    below the diaphragm containing the retroperitoneal, common iliacs, and inguinal lymph nodes
  18. What age group is Non-Hodgkin's assoc with
    older person above 67 but peaks about 80
  19. Hodgkin's spreads ____ and Non-Hodgkin's spreads _____
    • orderly
    • randomly
  20. Which Lymphoma is the worst
  21. What is the main pathology for Non-Hodgkins
  22. Which lymphoma is assoc with Aids and viruses
  23. 75% of all Hodgkins disease will have
    Nodular sclerosis
  24. What is the major lymphatics for both lymphomas
    Waldyer's Ring
  25. Non Hodgkins has 2 main types of lymphocytes that develop into lymphomas
    • B type (B cells) most common
    • T type (T cells)
  26. Are lymphomas chemo and/or radiosensitive
    They are both chemosensitive and radiosensitive
  27. Where do B cells mature
    bone marrow
  28. The lymphatic system consists of what 4 things
    • fluid
    • vessels
    • arteries
    • organs
    • nodes
  29. Which lymphoma is most likely to arise in the GI tract
  30. The most common presenting symptom for Hodgkins is
    painless cervical node enlargement
  31. When treating the Waldeyer Ring for NON Hodgkins lymphoma, what does the tx resemble
  32. What is the most favorable subtype of Hodgkin's disease
    Nodular sclerosis
  33. NHL may arise in
    Gi tract
    waldeyer ring
    All 3
  34. In NHL, lymphocytes pathologically arrange themselves in patterns called
    follicular and nodular
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