Sarcoma Board Study

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  1. What is the # 1 sarcoma cancer
    Osteosarcoma unless an answer is multiple myeloma then Tracey said that is the most common
  2. What is the only sarcoma that is radiosensitive
  3. #1 met for bone cancer is straight to the
  4. Primary bone cancer spreads ____ and metastatic bone cancer spreads ____
    • along the bone
    • skips in the same bone or on the other side of the joint
  5. What keeps Primary bone cancers contained
  6. Are lymphatics typically involved with bone cancer
  7. What is the radiation dose for a typical bone lesion
    50-70 GY
  8. What do you make sure you do when treating bone cancer
    spare soft tissue and lymphatics to avoid chronic lymphedema
  9. What is the radioisotope used in treating bone cancer
    Strontium 89

    remember 89 and not 90 because 8 resembles the letter B for bone
  10. are soft tissue sarcomas rare or prevalent
    rare, most popular in the thigh or extremities
  11. The incidence rate of bone cancer is highest at what stage of life
  12. A non osseous malignant tumor of the marrow is called
    multiple myeloma
  13. The most common site of a primary bone cancer is
  14. Although the exact cause of soft tissue sarcomas are not known, a factor that has been implicated is
    previous radiation 5-15 years previous
  15. Lympatics are not typically involved as the periosteum keeps primary bone tumor contained, what is usually the route of spread
    blood since blood vessels are throughout the layers of the bone
  16. Sarcomas originate in which layer
  17. What is the most common childhood bone cancer
    Ewings -onion looking in appearance
  18. Kaposi sarcoma is assoc with what disease
  19. Annual exposure limit to hands is
    50 rem or 500 msv
  20. Osseous tumors originate in the
    hard bone, spongy bone, and cartilage
  21. What feature would be present on an xray image on a lytic primary bone tumor
    decreased density in the region of the tumor
  22. Compact bone is arranged in concentric circle patterns known as
    Haversian systems
  23. The area of spongy bone is found in the
  24. A solitary multiple myeloma is known as a
  25. A common symptom of a soft tissue sarcoma is
    painless mass
  26. Tx of choice for soft tissue sarcomas is
  27. What are the radiation dose difference when treating primary bone cancer versus metastatic
    • Primary 50-80 GY
    • Metastatic- 30 GY
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