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  1. What is the largest organ in the body?
  2. What are the 3 layers of the skin and briefly describe them
    • Epidermis which has 4-5 layers itself contains the melanocytes which gives skin color.
    • Dermis- contains the hair follicles, oil and sweat glands, blood vessels, and nerve endings
    • Subcutaneous layers- Contains nerves, blood vessels, fat and connective tissue
  3. Which part of the skin contains the melanocytes
  4. Which part of the skin contains the hair follicles, sweat and oil glands
  5. Which part of the skin contains the nerves, blood vessels, fat and connective tissue
    Subcutaneous layer
  6. What are 90% of skin cells
  7. Which skin cancer is the most abundant
    Basal cell
  8. The layer of epidermis that contains cells that are most sensitive to radiation is
    • stratum basale
    • these are the most sensitive to radiation
  9. Which skin cancer is treated with TSI
    Mycosis fungoides
  10. What are the ABCDs of skin cancer
    • Asymmetry
    • Border
    • Color
    • Diameter
  11. What is the tx of choice for melanomas
    • surgery
    • chemo is used for systemic diseases and rt usually palliative
  12. Are melanomas radio resistant or radio sensitive
    radio resistant
  13. What are 3 surgery types for skin cancer
    • Moh's surgery #1
    • curettage and electrocesiccation
    • cryosurgery
  14. What are the 2 types of non melanoma skin cancer
    • basal cell
    • squamous cell
  15. What is the most common met for melanoma skin cancer
  16. What is a keloid
    a benign skin lesion, raised overgrowth of scar tissue that occur at the site of skin injury. They are usually removed and then treated with electrons soon after surgery to prevent regrowth
  17. What dose does epilation occur at
  18. What dose does erythema start at
  19. Is non melanoma radio sensitive or radio resistant
    radio sensitive
  20. What are 2 staging systems for skin cancer
    • TNM and Clark and Breslow
    • C&B is used to judge invasion and vertical thickness
  21. How many cms do you give around a skin tumor
    1-2 cm around for non melanoma and 3-4 for melanoma
  22. T or F
    You treat skin cancer perpendicular to the horizontal axis of the beam
  23. What color are melanomas typically
    tan or black
  24. Melanocytes are found in which layer
  25. Layer the skin starting from most superficial to deep
    • epidermis
    • basement layer**only seen this layer in purple book
    • dermis
    • subcutaneous layer
  26. Tanning of the skin in the tx area after a course of rt is caused by
    stimulation of the melanocytes
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