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  1. There are more than twenty people on the bus
    Hay mas de veinte gente en el autobus
  2. San Francisco is much bigger than Oakland
    San Francisco es mucho mas Grande que Oakland
  3. There are fewer cars than taxis
    Hay menos coches que taxis
  4. I don't have more than 5 euros
    No tengo más que cinco euros.
  5. This morning we had breakfast that was bigger than dinner
    Esta manana hemos desayunado eso fue mas grande que la cena
  6. last week we rode the bus to less places than in this week
    la semana pasada nos montamos en el autobús a menos lugares que en esta semana
  7. The book is as good as the movie
    • El libro es tan bueno como la peli
    • Tan + adj or adverb + Como
    • (as) + adj or adverb + (as)
  8. He has as much homework as you
    • Él tiene tanta deberes como tu
    • Tanta + Noun + Como
    • (as much) + Noun + (as)
  9. Dani eats as little as a horse
    • Dani come tan poco como una Caballo
    • Verb + Tan + Adj + Como
    • Verb + (as) + Adj + (as)
  10. Peaches cost as much as watermelons
    • Melocoton cuentan tanto como Sandias
    • Verb + Tanto+ Como
    • Verb + (as much) + (as)

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Spanish Comparisons
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