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  1. What kind of Ion channel would you find in the axonal membrane that mediates fast action potentials in response to changes in membrane potentials?
    voltae-gated ion channel, sodium channel
  2. Where are voltage-gated ion channels of calcium and potassium found?  What is their role?
    found on the cell body, initial segment, and dendrites.  They modulate neuronal firing rate
  3. What do ligand-gated channels respond to?
    binding of neurotransmitters, agonists, and antagonists
  4. This receptor type is composed of multiple subunits, a channel is formed from the trans-membrane domains of the individual subunits, ligands bind and cause conformational changes to the channel, the influx of sodium or calcium depolarizes the neuronal membrane resulting in an excitatory postsynaptic potential(EPSP).  Hint: Glutamate, GABA, Acetylcholine, Glycine, Serotonin all activate this type of receptor
    Ionotropic Receptor
  5. Single subunit G protein-coupled eceptors with 7 membrane spanning segments, ligand binding activates a G protein, initiating a signaling pathway that modulates an effector protein, channel opening mediates slow synaptic transmission, major function is for signal amplification, which can be excitatory or inhibitory.  Second messengers include cyclic adenosine monophosphate diacylglycerol, inositol-triphosphate, and other neurotransmitters.
    Metabotropic Receptor
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