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  1. go to the building where they are, to collect them.
    call for
  2. you visits them for a short time
    call on
  3. talk to a friend, finding out what has happened in his or her life since you last met
    catch up
  4. they go somewhere with you or go to the same place as you
    come along
  5. they go somewhere with someone socially
    come out
  6. they move across a room or other place towards you
    come over
  7. to visit someone informally, usually without having arranged the visit
    drop in
  8. you have a meal at a restaurant instead of at home
    eat out
  9. they arrive at a place where people are expecting them to be
    get in
  10. you succeed in entering a building
    get in
  11. they visit your house to see you for a short time
    come over
  12. two or more people meet in order to discuss something or to spend time with each other
    get together
  13. leave your house and go somewhere else
    go out
  14. go to someone’s house and visit them for a short time
    go over
  15. spend a lot of time in a place, often not doing very much
    hang out
  16. delay it arrange to do it at a later time than planned
    put off
  17. arrive at a place where people are expecting you
    show up
  18. remain at home rather than going out
    stay in
  19. start doing an activity or job
    take up
  20. you reach someone who is in front of you by walking faster
    catch up
  21. reduce the amount of sth you use or eat, or do something less often
    cut down
  22. moving with a group of people, you move more slowly than them, so they get ahead of you
    fall behind
  23. start to have that habit or behave in the way
    get into
  24. start being interested in it
    get into
  25. a series of actions or movements, they perform it
    go through
  26. they win one stage of a competition and go on to the next stage
    go through
  27. they move from a lower position to a higher one
    go up
  28. a lot of people cheer, shout, or make that sound at the same time
    go up
  29. start to do sth with other people who are already doing it
    join in
  30. continue to do it and do not let it stop or end
    keep up
  31. move at the same sped as someone else
    keep up
  32. start to move or happen more slowly
    slow down
  33. become less active or energetic
    slow down
  34. moves or travels faster
    speed up
  35. become conscious again after being asleep
    wake up
  36. become so tired that you cannot continue what you were doing
    wear out
  37. spend time and effort trying to improve it
    work on
  38. do physical exercises in order to make your body healthy and strong
    work out
  39. a feeling, the energy to do sth, or an appetite, they gradually develop it and increase it until they have what they need
    work up: e.g. she went for a run to work up an appetite
  40. doing something regularly of a particular amount or level, you gradually increase or improve what you are doing until you reach that amount or level
    work up
  41. you fasten the cloth
    do up
  42. hair: arrange it so that it is fastened close to her head rather than hanging loosely
    do up
  43. put special smart clothes on yourself or someone else, usually for a social occasion
    dress up
  44. special costumes or unusual clothes on yourself or someone else, usually for fun, often at a part where everyone does this
    dress up
  45. dress yourself in it
    get in
  46. they suit each other or are pleasant or attractive together
    go with
  47. you are wearing it
    have on
  48. choose it from a group
    pick out
  49. a piece of cloth: you take it off quickly
    pull off
  50. cloth: put them on quickly
    pull on
  51. put it over a part of your body and wear it, or you put it over a part of someone else’s body as they are wearing it
    put on
  52. show it to a lot of people because you are proud of it
    show off
  53. make an item of clothing smaller and tighter
    take in
  54. cloth: you make it shorter
    take up
  55. cloth: put it on to see if it fits you or if it looks nice
    try on
  56. it is used so much that it becomes weak or broken an unable to be used any more
    wear out
  57. fold a piece of paper, cloth, or other material round it so that it is completely covered
    warp up
  58. person: you put warm clothes on them
    wrap up
  59. reach the same standard or level
    catch up
  60. remove by cutting it
    cut out
  61. leave sty that you are involved in before it is finished
    drop out
  62. do not reach the standard or level of similar people or things
    fall behind
  63. learn sty that you did not already know
    find out
  64. examine or discuss each part of it, especially to make sure that someone understands it or that it is correct
    go over
  65. give it to someone so that they can read it or deal with it
    hand in
  66. give them to people in a group so that each person has one or some
    hand out
  67. your raise your eyes
    look up
  68. find a piece of info by looking at sty such as a book or website
    look up
  69. you fail to include them in sty
    miss out
  70. you are confused about which one is which
    mix up
  71. you decide to do or have that thing
    opt for
  72. it is about that subject or is connected with it
    relate to
  73. you explain it or read it quickly, in order to practice it, check it or make sure that people understand it
    run through
  74. sign an agreement to do a job or course of study, or join an organisation
    sign up
  75. pay attention to it so that you understand, remember, or experience it fully
    take in
  76. a group of people or places, you visit or go to see people or places, one after the others
    go around
  77. start moving towards it
    head for
  78. continue a journey after stopping for a short time
    move on
  79. a task, you do it
    carry out
  80. happy and accepted in a group of people because you are similar to the other people in it
    fit in
  81. you enjoy it or find it useful
    get out of: I get a lot of satisfaction out of my job
  82. avoid doing it
    get out of/ wriggle out of: He’ll do anything to get out of going to visit his grandparents.
  83. they are told that they have to leave their jobs for a period of time or permanently, because there is no work for them to do.
    lay off
  84. they start to be involved in it
    move into: She later moved into the field of education
  85. they stop being involved in it
    move out of
  86. you make the necessary arrangements for it to start
    set up
  87. become used to a new place or new job
    settle in
  88. it closes and stops working
    shut down
  89. remain in a place or continue to attend it regularly
    stay on
  90. leave an important job or position
    step down
  91. they are very obvious or noticeable, especially because of being very different from things or people around them
    stick out/stand out
  92. time: spend it doing something different from your normal activities or job
    take off: I won’t be here tomorrow as I’m taking the day off
  93. a job, task or responsibility, you accept it and try to do what is required
    take on
  94. they employ you
    take (you) on: they took me on because i was a good mathematician.
  95. they suddenly stop working and leave the place where they work as a protest
    walk out
  96. they produce it and sell it
    bring out
  97. it is developed from that thing
    build on
  98. you take advantage of it to make further progress
    build on
  99. the first thing results from the second
    come out of
  100. they stop it increasing and keep it at a low level
    keep down
  101. replace something that has been lost or damaged or to provide something instead of it
    make up for
  102. decide not to continue with an activity or agreement
    pull out
  103. send it somewhere by post, email, or text message
    send off
  104. send copies of something to a lot of people
    send out
  105. it becomes very successful or popular
    take off
  106. join together in order to do something
    team up
  107. test it or use it for the first time in order to find out how useful or effective it is
    try out
  108. it starts to become successful or profitable about a plan, project or business that is failing
    turn around
  109. get into a building illegally or by force
    break in/into
  110. they escape
    get away
  111. whiny you have done something wrong, you are not punished or receive only a small punishment for what you have done
    get off
  112. tell the police where that person is so that they can be arrested
    give someone up
  113. you give it to someone in authority
    hand in
  114. go to the police and tell them that you have committed a crime
    hand yourself in
  115. to rob them by threatening them with a weapon
    hold up: they held up a bank with sawn-off shotguns; he held me up at gun point
  116. allow them to leave a place, especially by opening a door
    let out
  117. they suffer or are punished because of something bad that they have done
    pay for
  118. you do not think is right or acceptable, you do it because you cannot see any other way of achieving what you want
    resort to: He had resorted to stealing to feed his children
  119. they cheat you by charging you too much money for something
    rip off
  120. policy make you go with them to a police station in order to ask you questions or arrest you.
    take in
  121. they deceive or trick you
    take in: I confess he completely took me in
  122. you find them after searching for some time
    track down
  123. the wind moves it away from the place where it was
    blow away
  124. it is destroyed by an explosion
    blow up
  125. to hit it (door/wall) hard so that it breaks and falls to the ground
    break down
  126. it begins suddenly
    break out
  127. they are separated from other people and places
    cut off
  128. to stop a supply of something
    cut off
  129. they have been in an upright position, they drop to the ground
    fall down
  130. bomb explodes or gun is fired
    go off
  131. to cause them to become unconscious or to fall asleep
    knock out
  132. to destroy or damage it and stop it from working properly
    knock out
  133. you cause it to stop burning
    put out
  134. someone or something brads or destroys it
    reduce to: Every building in the town was reduced to rubble; the fire reduced the house to dust
  135. you have no more of it left
    run out
  136. the vehicle hits them or drives over them
    run over
  137. destroys or get rid of them completely
    wipe out
  138. they damage it so badly that it is not worth repairing
    write off
  139. you continue doing an activity
    carry on
  140. when you are in a difficult or unpleasant situation, you manage to continue with your normal, everyday activities
    carry on
  141. you get rid of it by wiping, sweeping, etc.
    clean up
  142. you succeed in finishing it
    get through
  143. you survive from a difficult experience
    get through
  144. you do something to help someone
    help out
  145. you grip it tightly so that it cannot fall or cannot be taken away from you
    hold on to: she walked slowly down the steps, holding on to the hand-rail
  146. you keep your arms around someone
    hold on to: she held on to him for support
  147. you continue doing something and do not stop
    keep on
  148. take care of them and make sure they have what they need
    look after
  149. stop having a past feeling or experience and progress to something new
    leave behind
  150. something unpleasant, you have to accept it and carry on with your life or work
    live with
  151. allow them to live at your house or in your country
    take in
  152. it changes completely, usually becoming better
    turn around
  153. they cause a government or ruler to lose their power
    bring down
  154. introduce a new law, rule or system
    bring in
  155. to start to be much stricter with people who are not obeying rules or laws, punishing them more severely
    crack down: Their first reaction to the riots was to crack down hard.
  156. you formally agree to it; start an activity or become involved in it
    enter into
  157. defend yourself and try to beat them or stop them when they attacks you
    fight back
  158. make someone do it although they do not want to
    force into
  159. use your authority to force them to accept it
    impose on: The United Nations has imposed sanction on the country
  160. an unpleasant situation or event caused
    lead to
  161. soldiers or an army leave a place
    pull out
  162. try to persuade other people to help you achieve it
    push for
  163. solve a problem, misunderstanding, or disagreement
    sort out
  164. allow something bad to happen without trying to do anything to stop it
    stand by
  165. cause something to happen
    bring about: The Administration helped bring about a peaceful settlement
  166. demand that it should be done
    call for
  167. ask someone to come somewhere to do something for you
    call in
  168. a particular event, point in time or person is to happen or exist later than them
    come after
  169. something difficult or unpleasant from other people, they experience it
    come under: The department has come under fire for wasting public money
  170. a lot of people tell other people about it
    get around
  171. try to achieve it or get it
    look for
  172. you invent it
    make up
  173. experience a particular experience or event or it happens to you
    meet with
  174. the reaction you get
    meet with: I told him where I was and was met with silence
  175. officially tell it to many people
    put out
  176. idea, piece of news, or emotion spreads through the place or group of people quickly
    run through
  177. a quality or feeling affects very part or something or is present everywhere within it
    run through
  178. something unpleasant begins and seems likely to continue
    set in
  179. something caused by another thing
    stem from: Attitudes like these stem from ignorance
  180. get involved in a situation and try to help
    step in
  181. start to accept someone else’s opinion or demand, even though you do not want to.
    back down/give in: Eventually he backed down on the question of pay.
  182. give evidence to prove that it is true or reasonable
    back up
  183. ask someone to take part in it or be part of it
    bring into
  184. introduce sth or start talking about it
    bring into
  185. the most important thing about a problem, question or situation
    come down to: It all comes down to what sort of education you received.
  186. finally accept that someone else has defeated you and you stop competing
    give in
  187. you do not do what you promised or agreed, or you say sth which is the opposite of what you said earlier
    go back on: It wouldn’t be fair to go back on all those promises.
  188. describe it fully or in detail
    go into
  189. continue to believe that it is correct or true
    stand by
  190. persuade them to do it
    talk into
  191. persuade them not to do it
    talk out of: He tried to talk me out of buying such a big car.
  192. persuade them to support or agree with you or you make them like you
    win over: I was completely won over by the courtesy and decency of the people
  193. stop them doing it or stop sth from happening
    keep from
  194. stop them from entering a place or being there
    keep out
  195. spoil it or do it badly
    mess up
  196. move closer to the side of the road, and stop
    pull over
  197. you go to them for help, advice or protection
    run to
  198. make someone calm and quiet
    settle down
  199. increase its speed, amount, or intensity
    step up
  200. continue to use it or do it, rather than changing
    stick with
  201. you make an effort to get it or achieve it
    try for: The school advised me to try for Oxford University
  202. ask someone for help or advice
    turn to: I have no other friend to turn to.
  203. something makes you think about an event or memory from your past
    bring back
  204. you remember it, often quite suddenly
    come back
  205. you work it out and understand the solution to a problem the answer to a question or the reason for something
    figure out
  206. get news or information about something or someone
    hear about
  207. find out something about it or find out that it exists for the first time
    hear of
  208. you have studied it and understand part or all of it
    know about
  209. give or tell it to someone else/ traditions, stories or money are taught or given to someone who belongs to a younger generation
    pass on
  210. continue to remember it very clearly
    stick in: some thing stick in your memory for ever.
  211. consider the possibility of doing something/you create an idea/ you know something or someone and suggest to other people
    think of
  212. manage to control a negative emotion or a situation and continue normal life
    deal with/cope with
  213. accept a difficult situation and deal with it
    face up to
  214. recover from an illness or another unpleasant experience/ find a way of dealing with a problem or difficulty
    get over
  215. an experience upsets or annoys you
    get to: She can be quite rude sometimes but don’t let it get to you
  216. experience an event or period of time which is especially an unpleasant one
    go through
  217. fail to do something that you expected or wanted them to do
    let down
  218. start to relax and talk about personal things
    open up
  219. deliberately us people’s feelings, attitudes, or weaknesses in order to achieve what you want
    play on/play upon
  220. understand other people feeling and communicate with them easily
    relate to
  221. sure about some fairies or miracle exist or happen/ support idea or policy/ have confidence in someone that they will be successful
    believe in
  222. choose it or try to achieve it/ like someone of something very much
    go for
  223. someone or something are as good as they were expected to be
    live up to
  224. judge or consider a situation in a particular way
    look at: I tend to look at things in a very different way from my parents
  225. respect and admire someone
    look up to
  226. treat someone badly or in an unfair way, often repeatedly
    pick on
  227. criticise them and make them feel stupid
    put down: I hate the way she puts down people in meetings
  228. to make someone not want to do something or not like something or someone
    put off: The country’s high prices have put off many tourists; The disgusting smell put me off my breakfast.
  229. accept something or someone even though you do not like them
    put up with
  230. believe someone or something that they are that thing or have that quality
    see as: He saw her as the perfect woman
  231. choose or accept it even though it is not what you really want
    settle for
  232. ideas or values that they support or represent
    stand for
  233. leave a place or a performance as a way of showing that you are angry or that you do not like something
    walk out
  234. an arrangement, relationship or discussion fails because of a problem or disagreement
    break down
  235. need someone or something in order to be able to survive physically, financially or emotionally/ someone or something you can trust them to do something
    depend on/rely on/rely upon
  236. someone has no reason to know about something or become involved with it
    nothing to do with: What I do in my free time is nothing to do with you.
  237. two things are related in some way
    is/has to do with: So what was the discussion about? Was it do do with the new project?
  238. someone are involved in doing something or making it happen
    I suspect she had something to do with Tom’s disappearance.
  239. something fails or ends
    fall apart: The marriage began to fall apart
  240. start to love someone or like them very much
    fall for: He fell for her the moment he first saw her
  241. people have an argument and are no longer friendly
    fall out
  242. stop dealing with someone or end involvement with someone
    finish with
  243. have a friendly relationship
    get on/get along
  244. start a romantic relationship with each other
    get together/ go out
  245. they become friends again after they have had argument
    make up
  246. do something to show that you are sorry or to make someone less unhappy
    make up for: She tried to make up for her rudeness earlier by being extra nice to me.
  247. leave the person or people you live with and do not come back
    walk out
  248. something total is a particular sum or number
    amount to
  249. makes or earn some money
    bring in
  250. something gradually increase in amount, size or strength
    build up: the city must build its cash reserves up to a more comfortable level
  251. someone get something when someone in their family dies
    come into: She came into some money on her mother’s death
  252. reduce the money that you spend on
    cut back on
  253. start to be involved in it, often without intending to be
    get into
  254. give it to someone without taking money in return
    give away
  255. have that amount of money to buy thing
    live on
  256. put money into a bank account
    pay in
  257. pay all the money that you owe
    pay off
  258. pay a part of the money that you owe
    put down
  259. sell something to get rid of it, usually for a low price
    sell off
  260. something has all been sold
    sell out: The toy was so popular, every store in town was sold out
  261. keep something for a particular purpose
    set aside
  262. arrange to get a licence, an insurance policy or a bank loan
    take out: We took out a loan to buy the car
  263. you hope to achieve something
    aim at
  264. expect it to happen and include it in your plans
    count on: The worker can now count on a regular salary
  265. you are in a particular place or situation after a series of events
    end up/wind up/finish up
  266. manage to find time to deal with a person or a task
    fit in/squeeze in: I’m on holiday next week, but I can fit you in on the 9th.
  267. a task or problem in a particular way that you start to deal with it.
    go about: I’d been wondering how to go about it.
  268. arrange something or someone in preparation for an event or activity to be ready and available.
    line up
  269. succeed in doing something difficult
    pull off: They pull off a deal with an Australian firm
  270. decide that they are impossible or unsuitable or that they are not responsible for something
    rule out
  271. unexpectedly begin to experience a problem or difficulties
    run into
  272. intend and begin to do something/explain facts or ideas clearly in writing or in speech
    set out
  273. happens in that way
    turn out
  274. an activity or event ends
    wind up
  275. deal with something or do it first
    begin with
  276. start talking about it
    bring up
  277. think of something and suggest it
    come up with
  278. remove it front he text and do not print or broadcast it
    cut out
  279. book, film or discussion discusses, explains or expresses a particular topic or idea
    deal with
  280. write all the information that is needed on a document.
    fill in
  281. do not include them in something
    leave out
  282. start talking about it after taking about something else
    move on to
  283. state or publish an idea or plan so that people can consider it and discuss it
    put forward: She planned to put her suggestion forward at the next meeting
  284. talk about a particular subject or person or mention them
    refer to: In his letters to Vita he rarely referred to political events.
  285. cause something to begin
    start off
  286. briefly describe its most important aspects/repeat the main points of a speech or debate as a conclusion
    sum up
  287. send a letter to an organisation / add the information by writing it in the correct place on a form or document
    write in
  288. telephone someone
    call up
  289. mention or start to discuss a particular subject again
    come back to
  290. receive a phone call, email, or other message from them
    hear from
  291. do not do or say something that you want to do or say
    hold back
  292. manage to see or hear something/manage to understand something/try to make people believe something which is true
    make out
  293. say something to someone in order to find out how they react to it
    put to: These are the sort of question that I’ll be putting to the politicians.
  294. move towards a place in a quick or determined way
    make for: The best thing would be to make for high ground
  295. leave an area, place or vehicle
    come off
  296. leave house or room, or a place where they were hidden
    come out
  297. move out of one room and enter another
    come through: The doctor can see you now if you would like to come through
  298. acquire something
    come by
  299. something happen
    come about
  300. suddenly receive (money or property), especially by inheriting it.
    "he came into an inheritance"
    come into
  301. begin to suffer from (a specified illness).
    "I came down with influenza"
    come down with
  302. (of a situation or outcome) be dependent on (a specified factor)."it came down to her word against Guy's"
    come down to
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