Lab Practical 2

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  1. Superior Vena Cava
    • off the top of aorta
    • Image Upload
  2. Inferior Vena Cava
    bottom right side
  3. Cardiac Vein
    veins on anterior sides of heart Image Upload
  4. Coronary Sinus
    under the left atrium Image Upload
  5. Interatrial septum
    space in-between the ventricles
  6. Fossa ovalis
    hole that is in the heart during birth that closes. now bump

    Image Upload
  7. atrioventricular valve/tricuspid valve
    cartilage stuff

    Image Upload
  8. tendinous cords
    • cords off the atrioventricular valve
    • Image Upload
  9. Papillary Muscle
    • bump that stick up
    • Image Upload
  10. interventricular septum
    • muscle between left and right ventricle 
    • Image Upload
  11. Pulmonary Semilunar Valve
    • from right ventricle to the right atrium 
    • Image Upload
  12. Pulmonary Trunk
    • below left pulmonary artery 
    • Image Upload
  13. Pulmonary Artery
    • off of the pulmonary trunk
    • Image Upload
  14. Pulmonary Vein (left and right)
    • off of atrium 
    • Image Upload
  15. Interatrial Septum
    • top muscle in-between atrium
    • Image Upload
  16. Aortic Semilunar Valve
    • from left ventricle 
    • Image Upload
  17. Ascending Aorta
    • strata part of before Aortic Arch 
    • Image Upload
  18. Aortic Arch
    Image Upload
  19. Ligamentum arteriosum
    • ligament that attaches aortic to pulmonary 
    • Image Upload
  20. Coronary artery
    • artery off of aorta 
    • Image Upload
  21. Sinoatrial Node
    where yellow lines meet in the right atrium in the top corner. Where the electric shock startsImage Upload
  22. Atrioventricular Node
    yellow circle on the side of the right atrium Image Upload
  23. Atrioventricular bundle
    yellow line that crosses out of the right atrium to ventricles 

    Image Upload
  24. Right and Left bundle branches
    • branches on the bottom of the heart 
    • Image Upload
  25. Purkinje Fibers
    • yellow lines that go into papillary fibers
    • Image Upload
  26. Pulmonary artery
    Image Upload
  27. Brachiocephalic Trunk Artery
    Image Upload
  28. Right and left Common Carotid Artery
    • goes up to vein 
    • Image Upload
  29. Subclavian Arteries
    Image Upload
  30. Axillary Arteries
    Image Upload
  31. Pulmonary Vein
    • 4 red dots on the back side of the heart
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  32. Brachiocephalic Vein
    • crosses the front of the heart and the right side 
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  33. Internal and External Jugular Veins
    Image Upload
  34. Subscapular Vein
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