SS 6 (formulas)

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  1. max deflection
  2. solving for x and y

  3. max average unit shear stress in a steel beam

    max average  unit shear stress in a beam

     max shear force (equal to largest support reaction)

    •  area of web =  
    • d=beam depth
    • =web thickness
  4. ultimate uniform load
    • =ultimate uniform load
    • =dead load
    • =live load
  5. load supported by each pile
  6. required frictional area

    • C=circumference=
    • d=required pile depth
  7. Finding required weld size using E70 electrodes
    (Step 1)per AISC, largest size for fillet is 1/16" less than thickness of material

    • (1a)
    • x=thickness of material

    • (1b)
    • A=throat area

    • (Step 2) for E70=allowable shear stress=21ksi
    • p=FA
    • F=allowable shear stress
    • A=throat area
    • (Step 3) 

    • L=total length of weld
    • P=total force acting on connection
    • p=allowable load per inch of weld length
    • (Step 4) length of weld on each side of plate is total required lengh (L) divided by 2
    • *NOTE: AISC requires a weld length of at least equal to perpendicular distance between welds
  8. Period of vibration (T)
    • T=period of vibration
    • =coefficient of upper limit (given on a chart)
    • =approxiamate period of vibration

    • =approximate period of vibration
    • , x=approximate period parameters per table
  9. base shear (V)
    • =seismic response coefficient
    • W=seismic weight of bldg
  10. section modulus
    • I=moment of inertia
    • C=distance from cross section's neutral axis to its extreme fibers
  11. thermal stress
    • S=thermal stress
    • E=modulus of elasticity
    • =coefficient of thermal linear expansion
    • =change of temperature
  12. modified or adjusted allowable bending stress ()
    • =modified or adjusted allowable bending stress
    • =wet service factor=1 for dry conditions
    • =temperature factor=1 for normal temperature
    • =load duration factor=1.25 for roof live load
    • =size factor is assumed and adjusted later
    • =repetitive member factor=1.15 for parallel dimension lumber joists that are used and are spaced at less than 24"oc
  13. horizontal seismic force on a parapet

    ASCE 7 - table 13.5-1

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