Chapter 29

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  1. Superficial Burn
    • Involves only the epidermis
    • The skin will appear pink to red and will be dry
  2. Partial-Thickness Burn
    Involves not only the epidermis but also portions of the dermis

    • Superficial Partial-Thickness Burn: pink and moist skin, thin-walled blisters
    • Deep: red and blanched skin, thick walled blisters rupture
  3. Full-Thickness Burn
    • Involves all the layers of the skin
    • The skin will become dry, hard, tough, and leathery and may appear white and waxy to dark brown or black and charred
  4. Eschar
    The tough and leathery dead soft tissue formed in the full-thickness burn
  5. Circumferential Burn
    Encircle a body area such as an arm, a leg, or the chest
  6. Rule of Nines
    Standard way to quickly determine the amount of the body surface area percentage of a burn

    page 817
  7. Rule of Ones
    An alternative way to determine the BSA estimate is to compare it to the patient's palm surface area, which equals approximately 1 percent of BSA
  8. Burn Sheet
    Commercially prepared sterile, particle free, disposable sheet used to cover the entire body in severe burn injuries
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