Nutrition Unit 4

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  1. The enzymes that digest dietary sugars are produced by the
    small intestine
  2. In a person with type 2 diabetes, which of the following foods would ordinarily promote the LEAST favorable glycemic effect
    baked potato
  3. which artificial sweeteners has a composition similar to aspartame
  4. which of the following is a feature of kefir
    it contains live bacterial organisms
  5. what is the primary means for degradation of soluble fibers in the large intestine
    bacterial enzymes
  6. which is a feature of lactose
    it is used as a filler in one out of five prescription drugs
  7. The process by which an amino acid is used to make glucose is termed
  8. which describes the compound phytic acid
    nonnutrient component of plant seeds
  9. Which carbohydrate is present in only very small amounts in single form in the diet
  10. What is the predominant sweetener used in formulating beverages
  11. which recommendation will help to reduce the incidence of dental caries when the diet contains sugary foods
    eat a sugary snack all at one time rather than in parts throughout the day.
  12. which is a characteristic of yogurt
    bacteria in yogurt produce lactase
  13. what is the staple grain of canada, us, and europe.
  14. a person diagnosed with milk allergy would be sensitive to the milk's
  15. which is a feature of the condition hypoglycemia
    it occurs rarely in otherwise healthy people
  16. which is a feature of carbohydrate cravings and addiction
    the addiction is not physiological or pharmacological
  17. What nutrient has accounted for virtually all of the increase in kcal intake of people in teh United States since the 1970s
  18. what is the primary storage form of carbohydrate in the body
  19. which is a feature of diabetes
    dietary management should focus on total carbohydrate intake rather than the type of carbohydrate consumed
  20. which is a general feature of the sugar alcohols
    they cannot be rapidly metabolized by cariogenic bacteria.
  21. which contains the least amount of fiber
    white rice
  22. what is the name of the short chains of glucose units that result from starch breakdown
  23. approximately how many pounds of total sugars are consumed by the average us resident each year
  24. milk that has been treated with a commercially available lactase preparation undergoes which of the following changes
    increase in sweetness
  25. which is a known indicator of prediabetes
    insulin resistance
  26. what is the name of the animal polysaccharide composed of glucose units
  27. what are cellulose, pectin, hemicellulose, and lignin
  28. which is known to correlate most strongly with reduced risk of deaths from heart disease when consumed in high amounts.
  29. what is the composition of maltose
    two glucose units
  30. which of the following is a typical response in people following a low-carbohydrate diet
    total weight loss is about the same as in people on a low-fat diet
  31. which of the following is a typical response of the body to changes in blood glucose
    blood glucose levels that fall too low signal the release of glucagon
  32. your nephew can only eat sugar-free snacks. what condition does he suffer from
    type 1 diabetes
  33. which is a feature of resistant starch
    it resists hydrolysis by digestive enzymes
  34. in general, modifying a diet that by substituting complex carbohydrates for pure sugars in a diet that is higher in
  35. what is the normal range for blood glucose
  36. Why are hard cheeses lower in lactose than soft cheeses
    more lactose is removed during manufacturing
  37. what term describes how quickly glucose is absorbed from a food after ingestion, how high blood glucose rises as a result, and how quickly blood glucose returns to normal
    glycemic response
  38. which is a characteristic of the sugar alcohols
    they provide kcalories
  39. which is not a rich source of dietary starch
  40. why might it be unnecessary for most people to use the glycemic index to monitor carbohydrate intake
    current dietary guidelines already include many choices that are low and moderate glycemic index foods
  41. which are characteristic of the conditions diabeties and hypoglycemia
    both benefit from the inclusion of fiber-rich foods and consumption of smaller, more frequent meals
  42. what is the sweetest-tasting simple carbohydrate in the diet?
  43. for most of the world's population, what is the effect of aging on the activity of lactase
    declined by 90-95%
  44. which fiber is water insoluble
  45. which play a major role in the breakdown of certain types of dietary fiber in the large intestine
  46. which is best known to result from regular ingestion of sugar
    dental carries
  47. which ingredient listed on food labels would be acceptable to the person who is highly intolerant to lactose in the diet
  48. which of the following is a feature of diabetes
    most people with type 2 diabetes are obese
  49. which provides the most fiber
    1 cup split peas
  50. which describes a relationship between carbohydrate intake and dental health
    eating a sugary dessert at the beginning of a meal, rather than the end, is less likely to promote dental caries.
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