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  1. most important or more than anything else
    above all
  2. it is a situation that is not like what you have been talking about before
    a different ball game
  3. You must remember this and take it into consideration
    after all (can be come at the beginning, middle or at the end of a sentence)
  4. in spite of what you expected to happen
    after all (end of a sentence)
  5. doing something more quickly than you planned
    ahead of schedule
  6. do the whole thing again from the beginning
    all over again
  7. something that someone says or writes is stupid
    a load of rubbish/a load of nonsense
  8. someone or something that are irritating or troublesome to you
    a pin in the neck
  9. stress that you are giving correct information
    as a matter of fact
  10. usually do it
    • as a rule
    • As a rule, Anne goes straight home after leaving work
    • I don’t, as a rule, take sugar in my coffee, but today I’ll make an exception.
  11. you have some information about a subject but you are not certain whether the information is correct
    as far as I know
  12. if
    as long as / so long as
  13. whatever happens or whatever anyone else says, does, etc.
    at any rate
  14. you have not forgotten about it
    at the back of your mind
  15. if the situation continues to develop in the same way as now
    at this rate
  16. it is difficult to achieve
    be a tall order
  17. please do or yes in a friendly way to someone if they ask to use something of yours
    be my guest
  18. remember it and take it into consideration
    bear in mind
  19. ask someone politely to wait until you finish something
    bear with me
  20. time can seem to pass much more quickly than they expect/ something happens very fast
    before you know it
  21. in prison
    behind bars
  22. tell someone something that seems unlikely
    believe it or not
  23. where they are going
    be off to
  24. to know what they are doing
    • be up to
    • for bad behaviour: up to mischief or up to not good
  25. a way of emphasising your willingness to allow someone to do something
    by all means
  26. generally speaking
    by and large
  27. possibly
    • by any chance
    • Have you by any chance heard of an actor called Alan Foster?
    • I wonder if by any chance anyone’s handed in a statue that I left on the bus?
  28. introduce something that you have just thought of
    by the way
  29. you do not want it
    can do without
  30. suddenly remember the thing that they are talking about
    • come to think of
    • It was Rose, come to think of it, who suggested we should all meet here.
  31. describe a thing or person is not important to you at all
    • couldn’t care less
    • We couldn’t care less who does the job, so long as somebody gets it done
    • “Who you want to win, City or United?” “ To be honest, I couldn’t care less.”
  32. doing something continually and over a long period of time
    day in, day out
  33. want to make sure that people have understood what you have said
    do you know what I mean?
  34. you think the person you are speaking to may get a wrong impression of what you think
    don’t get me wrong
  35. warn people not to expect something to happen soon
    • don’t hold your breath
    • I still hope our team will win, but I’m not holding my breath.
  36. they are slow and reluctant to do something
    • drag your feet
    • making decision: They are still dragging their feet over who is to be the next chairman
  37. a situation where it is easy to describel what ought to be done, but it will be difficult to actually do it
    easier said than done
  38. comparing on thing with another, completely equal
    • every bit as
    • The second half of the game was every bit as exciting as the first.
  39. emphasis every, all the things
    every last/ every single
  40. doing something, you want it, want to do it
    feel like
  41. mainly or more than anything else
    • first and foremost
    • Barbara is a journalist first and foremost. Painting is only her bobby.
  42. early in the morning
    First thing today / First thing yesterday
  43. do not care about something
    • for all I care
    • They can have the party on the moon, for all I care. I shan’t be going
    • We could be waiting here all night, for all Simon cares. Why don’t we get a taxi?
  44. to emphasise that you have no information about something
    • I’ve no idea where Jenny is, She could be in Australia, for all I know.
    • For all you know, the boss could be coming down the corridor right now.
  45. informal way of saying “first” or “firstly”
    for a start
  46. for ever or permanently
    for good
  47. sometimes
    from time to time
  48. want them to hurry
    get a move on
  49. understand the situation
    get the picture
  50. after a number or quantity and before another number or quantity
    • give or take
    • In the end the cost was 1500 dollars, give or take a dollar or two.
  51. they are very glad to be getting rid of something or someone that they do not like.
    • good riddance / good riddance to bad rubbish
    • “I’ve just heard that John Black is leaving the firm” - “Well, good riddance! I never liked him.”
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