Nutrition Unit 6

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  1. Which is not  among the characteristics of phenylketonuria
    it is treated by total elimination of dietary phenylalanine
  2. which is not considered to be a source of high-quality protein in humans
  3. which is a feature of homocysteine
    it is increased in the blood of coffee drinkers
  4. your cousin lacks intestinal vilus tripeptidases and dipeptidases. which digestive process would not take place
    peptides -- amino acids
  5. any of the following can be used by the body for the synthesis of a nonessential amino acid except
    an essential mineral
  6. a dispensible amino acid is one that
    can by synthesized by the body
  7. which describes a relationship between protein/amino acids and heart disease
    elevated blood homocysteine levels are associated with smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol
  8. relative to animal proteins, which amino acid is present in lesser amounts in proteins of legumes
  9. protein sparing in the body is best achieved when a person ingests
    adequate levels of carbohydrate and fat
  10. which describes the structure of an antibody
    huge protein molecule
  11. which describes an association between protein intake and kidney function
    restricting protein intake may slow the progression of kidney disease
  12. The disease phenylketonuria is related chiefly to abnormal metabolism of
    a certain amino acid
  13. what percentage of dietary protein is hydrolyzed in the mouth
  14. what is the most likely reason for having an abnormally high blood urea level
    kidney dysfunction
  15. all assumptions are made by the committee in setting the RDA for protein except
    the fat content of the diet will be high
  16. which is a feature of protein nutrition
    the protein RDA assumes that dietary protein is from a mix of low and high quality sources
  17. gelatin is a poor-quality protein because it
    lacks tryptophan
  18. what amino acid is classified as conditionally essential when dietary intake of phenylalanine is insufficient or the body cannot normally metabolize phenylalanine
  19. what function does a buffer perform
    helps maintain a constant pH
  20. a prominent result of transamination reactions is the synthesis of
    nonessential amino acids
  21. a person who is starving is losing
    glycogen, protein, and fat
  22. tissue swelling that results from water accumulating between cells is known as
  23. after digestion of proteins, what products are absorbed into the circulation
    free amino acids, and a few dipeptides and tripeptides
  24. what is meant by the amino acid sequence of a  protein
    order of amino acids in the peptide chain
  25. the cell process of silencing or activating genes is in part accomplished by
    DNA methylation
  26. what is the usual fate of orally ingested enzyme supplements
    digested by GI proteases
  27. protein-hydrolyzing enzymes are commonly known as
  28. which is characteristic of sickle-cell anemia
    the abnormal structure of the hemoglobin alters the shape of the red blood cell
  29. which is not contained in an amino acid
    an aldehyde group
  30. what term describes the amount of amino acids absorbed from a given amount of protein consumed
  31. which is a characteristic of protein synthesis
    messenger RNA is constructed from a DNA template to carry instructions
  32. a common genetic variation which causes a change in the amino acid sequence in the structure of hemoglobin leads to the disease
    sickle-cell anemia
  33. Which of the following food proteins has the best assortment of essential amino acids for the human body
  34. what is the fate of excess dietary protein
    after absorption, the liver will store the extra amino acids
  35. What amino acid supplement has been advertised in the popular media for treating herpes infections
  36. what is a "limiting" amino acid in a protein
    an essential amino acid present in insufficient quantity for body protein synthesis to take place
  37. what term signifies when a cell makes a protein under the directions of a gene
    gene expression
  38. what is a ribosome
    a structure upon which proteins are assembled
  39. what is the usual fate of orally ingested enzyme supplements
    digested by GI proteases
  40. which is a feature of an essential amino acid
    it must be supplied by the diet
  41. the conditions known as acidosis and alkalosis refer to a disruption of the body's
    pH balance
  42. which is the primary factor that differentiates one amino acid from another
    the side group
  43. in comparison to the composition of carbs and fats, which element found in proteins makes them unique
  44. what is the most likely reason for a person to have abnormally high blood ammonia levels
    liver dysfunction
  45. what is the name of the inactive form of the protein-splitting enzyme in the stomach
  46. which is a feature of hemoglobin
    it is constructed of 4 polypeptide chains
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