Unit 19: for and with

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  1. try to get or achieve something
    go for something
  2. hope someone will succeed // show support for them
    root for someone
  3. лучше и быть не могло // shows that someone or something is best of their kind
    couldn't ask for a better ...
  4. believe someone is the most important person in your life (жить ради кого-то; по-моему, это на грани фразового и не фразового глагола)
    live for someone
  5. послать за кем-то, пригласить специалиста
    send for
  6. visit someone's place in order to collect them
    call for somebody
  7. mean (with 'for')
    stand for
  8. [informal] want something, esp. food or drink, very much
    dye for something
  9. [informal] need or do something or someone
    could do with
  10. to be about particular idea (e.g. about a book)
    deal with
  11. [informal] continue doing something even though it is difficult
    stick with it
  12. suit each other, look or taste good together
    go with
  13. accept something unpleasant
    put up with
  14. meet someone you know, after not seeing them for a period of time
    catch up with somebody
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