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  1. What are two organs in your chest?
    Heart and lungs
  2. Why is it important for our chest to get bigger?
    When our chests expands it causes the air to flow in because a muscle it contracted and it allows space for the oxygen to go into
  3. What gas passes into the blood through the alveoli
  4. Why is it important for alveoli to have a large surface area?
    It can pass oxygen into the blood quicker so enough oxygen gets to the blood
  5. Why are the walls of the capillaries and the alveoli thin?
    They let certain things in and make sure that other things don't go through so in this case it allows red blood cells to pass through
  6. What gas is mostly in the air?
  7. Why do water droplets form on a window?
    The air contains water vapour and so when the air comes in contact with something that is colder, the water vapour cools and condenses.
  8. What is the word equation for respiration?
    glucose+oxygen=carbon dioxide+water
  9. Does air we breathe out have more or less of carbon dioxide and oxygen
    more carbon dioxide, less oxygen
  10. Why do we have cartilage in the trachea?
    These give you support and keep your airway open
  11. Why do we have ciliated cells in our airway
    to move mucus
  12. What affect does smoking have on the cilia cells
    it paralyses them
  13. What word is used to describe cells that work together in a group?
  14. What do mucus and cilia do?
    Mucus traps bacteria and the cilia moves the mucus so it can be swallowed
  15. When you smoke, more mucus is made and cilia is damaged, what will the consequences be?
    There will be a mucus build up because cilia can't move the mucus and will probably turn into a very bad cough.
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