Respiration 2

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  1. What does respiration do?
    Give the cells in our body energy
  2. What is the equation for aerobic respiration?
    glucose+oxygen=carbon dioxide+water
  3. What is the equation for anaerobic respiration?
    glucose=lactic acid
  4. Why do we need energy?
    growing, moving and keeping warm
  5. Does inhaled and exhaled air have:
    more or less carbon dioxide,
    more or less oxygen,
    more or less water vapour?
    • Inhaled air; less carbon dioxide, more oxygen, less water vapour
    • Exhaled air; more carbon dioxide, less oxygen, more water vapour
  6. What do capillaries do?
    Carry blood through the tissues in your body
  7. What does blood carry to the cells?
    oxygen and glucose
  8. What is the cycle of oxygenated blood in the heart?
    deoxygenated blood from body - vena cava -Right ahtrium - right ventricle - pulmunary artery - lungs
  9. What is the cycle of oxygenated blood in the heart?
    lungs - pulmonary vein - left ahtrium - left ventricle - aota - body
  10. Diagram of Respiration system:
    Image Upload 1
  11. Breathing out/in...
    Musles___ - Ribs _____ - Diaphragm _____ - Volume of the thorax _____ - Pressure _____ - air is forced _____
    • muscles contract and relax - ribs move down - diaphragm moves up - volume of the thorax decreases - pressure increases - air is forced out of the lungs
    • Do opposite for breathing in
  12. Diagram of alveolus:
    Image Upload 2
  13. What is anaerobic respiration?
    This happens when the cells are short of energy so they turn glucose into lactic acid. This releases less energy and make your muscles hurt.
  14. How do we remove lactic acid?
    Breathe very deeply for a long time
  15. Why does the heart rate increase during exercise?
    To supply more oxygen and glucose to respiring cells because we use up a lot of energy in exercise
  16. where in a cell does most aerobic respiration occur
  17. What do veins do?
    Carry blood to the heart
  18. What do arteries do?
    Carry blood away from the heart
  19. All cells need to respire to survive so they all need...
    a good blood supply
  20. What is the percentage of oxygen in the air?
  21. What is the moving of gases between the alveoli and the capillaries called?
    gas exchange
  22. What is the flowing of air called?
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