carpentry 1- portable power tools

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  1. what simple thing can help eliminate many safety concerns, but cannot be included in a list of rules?
    common sense
  2. what are the risks of using under sizes or poorly maintained extension cords?
    can be a fire hazard or cause tools to burn out
  3. as the length of an extension cord increases, what type of cord should you use?
    a heavier gauge wire to reduce resistance
  4. what type of cord should be used for construction?
    should be a grounded three wire
  5. the blade guard on the portable circular saw should be raised manually only when doing what type of cuts?
    plunge or pocket cut
  6. how far should the saw blade project through the material when the base of the portable circular saw is adjusted properly?
    1/4" or 6mm
  7. why should you never back up with a portable circular saw while it is running?
    because of kickback
  8. why should you always use the correct size blade on a power mitre saw?
    to small won't cut through the material and to big will cut into base of the saw destroying it
  9. which common safety issues do people often ignore when using a power mitre saw?
    never cross your arms
  10. what is available to help you cut long material with the mitre box saw?
    extension table or arm
  11. what advantage does a sliding compound mitre saw have over a regular compound mitre saw?
    capable of much wider cuts
  12. what could you use with a jigsaw to keep the top surface from chipping as you cut?
    use down cut blades
  13. what are some of the hand tools the reciprocating saw has replaced?
    hack saw keyhole saw and handsaws
  14. what must you be aware of when cutting with the long blades of a reciprocating saw?
    you can cut important things in the wall eg. wire/ piping
  15. name three types of methods used to adjust the cutting depth with a router base
    • 1. rack and pinion
    • 2. helical
    • 3. plunge
  16. explain how a colllet type chuck works for a router
    has split tapered sleeves that hold the bit as the bit is forced into the tapered sleeve it tightens on the bits shaft
  17. what happens to the material if the router is moved to slowly while cutting?
    it will burn
  18. what is the proper direction of travel when cutting with a router around the inside of an opening? around the outside of a project?
    clockwise for inside, counter clockwise for outside
  19. if the material being cut with the router tends to splinter , what can you do?
    several light cuts and reverse the feed direction for the last pass
  20. guide bushings for the router are useless by themselves. what are they used with
  21. what templates do carpenters commonly use with routers?
    routing stairs stringers and hinge and striker plates in a door
  22. in what direction should you feed the material when using the router in a router table?
    against the rotation of the router which is usually counter clockwise being upside down right to left
  23. what type of cutter heads are available for portable power planers?
    spiral or two blade
  24. how is the size of a portable power drill designated?
    the capacity of the chuck
  25. what are the 3 types of chucks available for light duty portable power drills?
    • 1. 6mm 1/4"
    • 2. 9mm 3/8"
    • 3. 12mm 1/2"
  26. what type of portable power drill would you choose to drill in a spot with limited space?
    right angle drill
  27. why is a masonry drill bit able to drill into hard materials without damaging the bit?
    they have a carbide tip which can handle the extra abuse
  28. other than drilling, what can some hammer drills be used for?
    jack hammer, chiselling, grooving, and roughing concrete surfaces
  29. what 2 things set a screw gun apart from a drill?
    • 1. magnetic bit holder covered by a sleeve
    • 2. adjustable clutch mechanism that disengages drive mechanism
  30. what specialized screw gun would you choose of you were fastening a lot of sub floor sheathing?
    collated auto feed screwdriver
  31. how can you adjust the depth of cut for different size biscuits when using the biscuit joiner?
    spring loaded motor body has preset stops
  32. what sander would you choose for shaping large contours or removing material quickly?
    belt sander
  33. what will the belt sander do if you let it sand in one place too long?
    it will create a depression
  34. how do you know which direction the belt is supposed to travel when you install it?
    the arrows
  35. how can you tell if you have the belt tracking adjust properly on the belt sander?
    the belt will run in the centre of the platen without drifting
  36. what are the different sanding motions provided by finishing sanders?
    oscillating, orbital, random orbital
  37. on the job site, what types of materials can be cut with a portable cut off saw?
    tubing, conduit, angle iron, sheet and corrigated metal, concrete, masonry block, brick , rebar, wwm wire metal mesh
  38. how long will the batteries for cordless tools last?
    they have a limited amount of cycles
  39. list 4 guidelines to follow to extend the life of the batteries for your cordless tools.
    • 1. charge batteries fully
    • 2. drain batteries fully
    • 3. choose a tool with enough power to to the intended task
    • 4. do not subject to extreme temperature or abuse
  40. when using cordless, battery operated nailers, what 2 common methods are used to drive nails?
    • 1. an electric solenoid
    • 2. onboard compressor
  41. if an extension cord is specified in watts instead of amps what can you do?
    divide the number of watts by the voltage (normally 110) to determine the amps
  42. what goes up the longer the extension cord?
    resistance goes up
  43. what is the typical cord colour for extension cords?
    • red or black for positive
    • white for neutral
    • green for ground
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