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  1. the more important a mechanism is, the ___- variation we expect in it.
  2. the specialty in psychology that is concerned with assessing the genetic contributions to difference in behavior
    behavior genetics
  3. an individuals traits cannot be attributed either to genes or environment because of the way genes and environment interact during development. But ____ between individuals can logically be attributed to either genetic _____ between them or to their different experiences.
  4. behavior genetics focuses on the ___ basis of differences between people
  5. evolutionary psychology focuses on the (presumably genetic) _____ that are common to all people. more interested in adaptive behavior
  6. It is likely that, just as for height, much ____ in human intelligence and personality is a byproduct of ____ reproduction
    variability, sexual
  7. distribution of polygenic traits tends to exhibit a ____ distribution, this means that distribution is near the ____ value.
    normal, optimum
  8. why doesn't natural selection reduce variability of traits and fix the population at the optimum? One reason is that optimum value can ____ over time depending on the environment
  9. it is important to note that the _____ in the environment must be ___ relative to the lifetime of the individual for selection to maintain genetic variants in the population.
    variation, slow
  10. the concepts of intelligence and personality reflect our evaluation of others as ____ resources
  11. One of the most important of our social skills is the ability to size up other people as potential _____ or competitors
  12. because modern intelligence tests were developed to predict success in school, and evolutionary novel setting, we should not be surprised if the tests neglect many ____ that are obviously _____
    abilities, intelligent
  13. g is supposed to correspond to the ___ sense of intelligence. g underlies various abilities such as ____, spatial, and so on
    everyday, verbal. all intelligence measure g to some extent
  14. the fact that the same person tends to perform ____ on many different types of intelligence tests gives evidence of g
  15. some people do well on certain groups of items and worse on others, this gives us evidence for _____ primary mental abilities
  16. because the brain comprises to much of our energy requirements, it is suggested that a large brain and high intelligence were ___ ____ for. displays of intelligence serve as signals of ____, especially as it relates to brain function
    sexual selection, fitness
  17. traits under sexual selection are those with ____ variability between individuals
  18. natural selection generally leads to a reduction in variability of the trait in question, because selection homes in on _____ design from among those available.
  19. sexual selection perpetuates _____
  20. symmetry is correlated with ____
  21. the more an intelligence test is a pure measure of g, the more it ____ fitness. which suggests that the relationship between various measures of intelligence and fitness depends on ___
    predicts, g
  22. -linguistic intelligence
    -musical intelligence
    -logical mathematical intelligence
    -bodily kinesthetic
    examples of multiple intelligences
  23. -the ability can be affected selectively by brain damage
    -there should be prodigies and idiot savants who display highly uneven distribution of skills
    -a plausible evolutionary basis
    Gardners 3 criteria for a skill to be considered an intelligence
  24. it is entirely possible that some intelligences would never be found using statistical methods because some people have to do ___ and some have to do ____ to compute a correlation. if there is little variability because everyone did equally well then it could never show up
    poorly, well
  25. some skills and forms of intelligence are useful today because they were useful skills in the ____
  26. the ___ refers to the relatedness of our vertebrate limb plan and brain
  27. variation in intelligence is follows a bell shaped curve, indicating that it is influenced by a large number of ____ factors
  28. because it is clear that intelligence is influenced by __, we can expect that a large number of ___ contribute to intelligence
  29. a quality of home environment predicted childrens ____ scores
  30. because we dont have modules designed for evolutionary novel tasks, we need ___ ____ to master them. In school we learn to use modules designed for challenges of the EEA to master novel tasks.
    formal schooling
  31. students are not ____ motivated to practice math and reading skills because these tasks are not the natural products of ____
    intrinsically, adaptations
  32. its possible that traits that makeup ADHD were either ___ or even beneficial in the EEA
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