Sociology ch. 5

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  1. Personality
    total behaviors, attitudes, beliefs and values that are characteristic of an individual
  2. heredity
    transmission of genetic characteristics from parent to children
  3. instinct
    unchanging biologically inherited behavior patterns
  4. sociobiology
    study of the biological basis of all social behavior
  5. 4 factors of personality
    • heredity- physical traits
    • parental characteristics- influence from parents
    • cultural environment- how culture influences you
    • birthorder- which sibling you are
  6. aptitude
    capacity to learn skills and knowledge
  7. feral children
    wild children
  8. socialization
    people learn the basic skills, values, beliefs, and behavior patterns of a society
  9. self
    your awareness of possessing a distinct identity of other people
  10. Locke
    (Tabula Rasa) blank slate and you develop as you grow
  11. Cooley
    (Looking glass) develop on an image of yourself as other people see you
  12. Meade
    (Role Taking) pretend to be someone else
  13. Significant others
    parents, siblings and relatives who influences you
  14. Generalized others
    people outside of your family who influence you
  15. I
    the unsocialized spontaneous self-interested component of your personality
  16. ME
    the part of you that is aware of the expectations and attitudes of society
  17. 4 agents of society
    • family- most important¬†
    • peer group- composed of individuals of equal age and social characteristics
    • school- influences over half of teens
    • mass media- largest influence
  18. mass media
    instruments of communication to reach large amounts of people with information
  19. total institution
    where people are isolated from the rest of society for a set period of time to be controlled
  20. resocialization
    break with past experiences and learning of new values
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