carpentry 1- pneumatic and fuel-powered tools

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  1. which factor should have the greatest influence over your choice of compressor?
    the delivered air rating cfm cubic feet per minute, volume
  2. what is the preferred way to extend the working distance from the power source when using an electric compressor?
    recommended not to use an extension cord but to use a longer air hose
  3. which design of portable compressor minimizes tipping?
    smaller twin tanks mounted near the bottom
  4. when using your compressor , what should you do daily to keep it in good running order?
    drain the condensation which can be milky its normal
  5. when using couplers, how can you ensure that the gun is not left under pressure when disconnected?
    the gun will lose pressure when disconnected... nipple is on the gun
  6. why is using bottled gases to power air tools a problem?
    they can explode
  7. what causes a fastener to ricochet?
    firing a fastener at too great an angle or hitting something hard
  8. under what circumstances would you want to be sure to disconnect the tool from the air supply?
    before doing any maintenance or repair
  9. how are air tools prevented from unintentionally firing (2)?
    trigger and a nose that must be depressed and some have a double trigger
  10. what are 2 common firing systems for air nailers and staplers?
    • 1. bounce/contact
    • 2.sequential
  11. name 3 common systems designed for clearing jammed fasteners.
    • 1.flip open nose
    • 2.removable nose plate
    • 3.magazine release
  12. which type of oil is recommended for use in air tools and compressors?
    always use non detergent oil or ones recommended by the manufacturer
  13. what style of magazines are available for air nailers?
    strip or coil
  14. what are 2 common power sources for cordless nailers and staplers?
    • 1. rechargeable batteries
    • 2. fuel cells or combustion engine
  15. what is the purpose of the coating on the fasteners?
    the glue helps secure the nails , the heat melts the glue when driven and quickly hardens again
  16. why are most chainsaws equipped with a chain brake?
    it prevents injury from kickback by quickly stopping the chain
  17. in addition to protecting yourself from the chain, how should you position the chainsaw to carry it?
    with the bar away from you pointing to the rear
  18. why is proper chain tension on a chainsaw so important?
    ensures good cutting and long life. loose can come off and to tight binds and over heats
  19. explain the proper method of starting a chainsaw.
    place on the ground with your foot in the handle and pull the pull start...NEVER one hand drop start a chainsaw
  20. what causes the most injuries for chainsaw operators?
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