Preterito Perfecto - NIS #10/11

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  1. This month we have worked a lot
    Este mes hemos trabajado mucho
  2. This week I have been out 3 times
    Esta Semana he salido tres veces
  3. This morning they had breakfast in a cafe
    Esta semana han desayunado en un cafe
  4. This afternoon we have been to the parque
    • Esta tarde hemos ido al parque
    • ido a ...
  5. We have slept the siesta
    Hemos dormido la siesta
  6. We've had a good time
    Hemos pasado un buen rato
  7. I've had a great time
    lo he pasado muy bien
  8. Laurie and I have traveled to Spain
    Laurie y yo hemos viajado a Espania
  9. I have paid the bill
    He pagado la cuenta
  10. I have been to Madrid
    • He estado en Madrid
    • estado en ..
  11. I have been living in Oakland 13 years
    Llevo viviendo en Oakland trece anos
  12. They have already eaten
    Ellos ya han comido
  13. I have not eaten
    No he comido
  14. Have you eaten Red Mullet?
    Has comido salmonete?
  15. I have never been to Turkey
    Nunca he estado en Turkey
  16. Have you ever been to California?
    Has estado alguna vez en California?
  17. I haven't tried octopus yet
    • No he probado pulpo todavia
    • Todavia=yet
  18. Have you(all) eaten paella in Valencia?
    Habeis comido Paella en Valencia?
  19. What have you(all) done this week?
    Que habeis hecho esta semana?
  20. What things have you(all) done in France?
    Que cosas habeis hecho en Francia?
  21. No I have never done that but I would like to try it
    No, nunca he hecho eso pero me gustaria probarlo
  22. To Open
    • Abrir
    • Abierto
  23. To Cover
    • Cubrir
    • Cubierto
  24. To Say
    • Decir
    • Dicho
  25. To Write
    • Escribir
    • Escrito
  26. To Fry
    • Freir
    • Frito
  27. To make or do
    Made or Done
    • Hacer
    • Hecho
  28. To Put
    • Pener
    • puesto
  29. To Break
    • Romper
    • Roto
  30. To See
    • Ver
    • Visto
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