History test Ch 20

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  1. Election of 1960
    • John f Kennedy- democratic-winner
    • Richard Nixon- Republican
  2. Fidel Castro
    became the communist dictator of Cuba in 1959
  3. Bay of Pigs 1961
    Failed invasion of Cuba
  4. Cuban Missile Crisis 1962
    Kennedy orders a Naval Blockade around Cuba to stop the building of Nuclear Weapons
  5. Berlin Wall
    became the most widely recognized symbol of the Cold War
  6. Hot Line
    phone line established between Russia and US to allow quick communication in times of crisis
  7. Limited Test Ban Treaty
    served to ban nuclear testing in the atmosphere
  8. New Frontier
    JFK's domestic policies
  9. Peace Corps
    a program of volunteer assistance to the developing nations of Asia, Africa, and Latin America
  10. Alliance for progress
    offered economic and technical assistance to Latin American countries
  11. July 20, 1969
    Neil Armstrong landed on the moon
  12. November 22, 1963
    JFK assassinated
  13. Warren Commision
    concluded that there was no conspiracy in the JFK assassination and that Lee Harvey Oswald and Jack Ruby acted alone
  14. Election of 1964
    • Lyndon b Johnson-Democrat-Winner
    • Barry Goldwater-Republican
  15. Great Society
    LBJ's domestic policies
  16. Mapp v Ohio
    unlawfully seized evidence is inadmissible at trial
  17. Gideon v Wainwright
    Suspects are entitled to court appointed attorneys if unable to afford one on their own
  18. Escobedo v Illinois
    accused has the right to an attorney during police questioning
  19. Miranda v Arizona
    police must inform suspects of their rights during the arrest process
  20. Medicare
    established a comprehensive health insurance program for all elderly people; financed through the Social Security System
  21. Medicaid
    funded by federal and state governments, provided health and medical assistance to low-income families
  22. Project Head Start
    • funded a preschool program or the disadvantage
    • still around today
  23. The office of Economic opportunity
    over saw many programs to improve life in inner cities, including Job Corps, an education and job training program for at risk youth
  24. Brown v. Board of education
    • 1954
    • Topeka, Kansas
    • supreme court said the "separate-but-equal" concept was unconstitutional
  25. Thurgood Marshall
    became the first black supreme court justice
  26. integration
    bringing blacks and whites together
  27. Little Rock Crisis
    • 1957
    • integrated Central high school with 9 black students
  28. Rosa Parks
    mother of the civil rights movement after she refused to give up her seat on a bus for a white person
  29. Martin Luther King Jr.
    • leader of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference (SCLC) 
    • promoted non-violent demostrations
  30. Sit-ins
    when African Americans entered a public facility and refused to leave
  31. Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee (SNCC)
    student activists in the south
  32. Congress of Racial Equality (CORE)
    Student activists in the North
  33. Freedom Riders
    • 1961
    • civil rights workers who took bus trips through the south
  34. Plessy v. Ferguson
    • 1896
    • supreme court said the "separate-but-equal" concept was constitutional
  35. James Meredith
    • 1962
    • first black student to attend ole miss
  36. Medgar Evers
    leader of the NAACP; murdered in Mississippi in 1963
  37. March on Washington
    • August 1963
    • Martin Luther King Jr. made his "I have a dream" speech
  38. Civil Rights Act of 1964
    LBJ passed to prohibit racial discrimination in all public places
  39. 24th amendment
    abolished poll tax
  40. Freedom Summer
    group of SNCC Civil Rights workers traveled to Mississippi to register black voters in 1964
  41. Voting Rights Act of 1965
    outlawed literacy tests and other tactics to prevent blacks from voting
  42. Nation of Islam
    Malcolm X's religion and also known as black muslim
  43. Malcolm X
    • 1965 he was assassinated by 3 black muslims
    • he preached violence and black separatism
    • opposed Martin Luther King Jr.
  44. Black Power
    • movement promoted by Malcolm X 
    • promoted African Americans to feel superior to everyone else
  45. Black Panthers
    • political movement pushed in the late 1960's
    • known to carry guns and supported self defense
    • pushed for more African Americans to be in political positions
  46. Kerner Commission
    • Used by LBJ to determine the reason for the problems
    • determined white racism to be the cause of Urban Violence
  47. April 4, 1968
    • Memphis, Tennessee
    • Martin Luther King Jr. is assassinated
  48. Busing
    sending children to schools outside of their neighborhoods to integrate high schools
  49. Affirmative action
    programs give preference to ethnic minorities and women in admissions and hiring
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