Unit 12

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  1. Appreciable
    • (adj.) sufficient to be noticed or measured
    • SYN: perceptible, detectable, considerable
    • ANT: slight, trivial, inconsequential, negligible
  2. Autocratic
    • (adj.) absolute in power or authority
    • SYN: domineering, dictatorial, tyrannical, bossy
    • ANT: democratic, egalitarian, lenient, permissive, indulgent
  3. Blanch
    • (v.) to remove the color from; to make or turn pale; to parboil
    • SYN: bleach, drain, wash out, go white
    • ANT: color, dye infuse, blush, flush
  4. Blasphemy
    • (n.) an act, utterance, or writing showing contempt for something sacred
    • SYN: curse, profanity, sacrilege, imprecation
    • ANT: reverence, veneration, devotion, respect
  5. Brawny
    • (adj.) strong, muscular
    • SYN: broad-shouldered, strapping, husky, burly
    • ANT: slight, frail, delicate, puny
  6. Concerted
    • (adj.) planned or performed in cooperation with others
    • SYN: joint, cooperative, combined, consolidated
    • ANT: unorganized, unilateral, diffused
  7. Contend
    • (v.) to fight, struggle; to compete, argue
    • SYN: battle, dispute, vie, maintain, assert
    • ANT: yield, acquiesce, submit, relinquish
  8. Humane
    • (adj.) kind, merciful
    • SYN: sympathetic, compassionate, kindhearted
    • ANT: cruel, merciless, unfeeling, brutal, heartless
  9. Illustrious
    • (adj.) very famous, distinguished
    • SYN: eminent, renowned, prominent, celebrated
    • ANT: unknown, obscure, nameless, anonymus
  10. Intolerable
    • (adj.) unbearable
    • SYN: insufferable, unendurable, outrageous
    • ANT: awed, respectful, devout, pious, deferential
  11. Irreverent
    • (adj.) disrespectful
    • SYN: profane, impious, sacrilegious, flippant
    • ANT: awed, respectful, devout, pious, deferential
  12. Laborious
    • (adj.) not easy, requiring hard work; hardworking
    • SYN: arduous, difficult, strenuous, wearisome
    • ANT: easy, effortless, facile
  13. Lithe
    • (adj.) bending easily, limber
    • SYN: supple, flexible, pliant, lissome
    • ANT: stiff, rigid, inflexible, taunt
  14. Maltreat
    • (v.) to abuse, use roughly or crudely
    • SYN: misuse, mistreat, harm, aggrieve
    • ANT: coddle, pamper, indulge
  15. Ponder
    • (v.) to consider carefully, reflect on
    • SYN: think over, ruminate, contemplate
  16. Subversive
    • (adj.) intended to undermine or overthrow ¬† (n.) one who advocates or attempts to undermine a political system
    • SYN: (adj.)treasonous, traitorous; (n.) a revolutionary
    • ANT: (adj.)patriotic, loyal, true-blue
  17. Synthetic
    • (adj.) made or put together by people (n.) something artificial
    • SYN:(adj.)¬†artificial, ersatz
    • ANT:(adj.)¬† natural, genuine
  18. Temperate
    • (adj.) mild, moderate
    • SYN: composed, balanced, mellow, fair
    • ANT: immoderate, extreme, excessive, harsh
  19. Venomous
    • (adj.) poisonous; spiteful, mean
    • SYN: nasty, malicious, virulent, malevolent
    • ANT: harmless, innocuous, benign
  20. Wily
    • (adj.) sly, shrewd, cunning
    • SYN: clever, tricky, artful, foxy, cagey
    • ANT: dull-witted, dense, artless, straightforward
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