carpentry 1- construction equipment

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  1. for what types of work is a tractor mounted backhoe suited?
    light trenching, excavating, back filling, and loading
  2. describe 2 types of loaders available.
    • 1. wheeled
    • 2. tracked
  3. where would you use plate tamers and blade tampers?
    • plate- smaller areas like sidewalks and floor slabs
    • blade- confined areas or narrow trenches
  4. what are the 2 basic types of aerial platform hoists?
    • 1. scissor lift
    • 2. boom lift
  5. is it ok to move an aerial platform while workers are in or on it?
    no never move it while extended
  6. what equipment would you use to simplify the placement of concrete into forms and in hard to reach places?
    concrete pump truck
  7. which tool would you use to break through concrete or masonry?
    jack hammer
  8. what are the reasons for having a garbage bin on site?
    provide a conveniant way to throw away garbage plus help keep the site clean and safe
  9. what are cranes designed to do?
    pick up a load, transport it a reasonable distance than land it in a new location
  10. what is the purpose of blocking when it is used with the outrigger floats?
    because the ground can be soft and tip, so the blocking helps distribute the load to a larger surface area ...3x the float area
  11. why are tag lines used when hoisting a load?
    to stop the load from turning
  12. explain the term whip line.
    when force is applied to the sling or hoist lines it could break and cause it to whip out so you should never stand in the line of them
  13. what is the most frequent cause of fatality in crane accidents and who is at most risk?
    electrocution and especially high for the person guiding the load rigger with tag line
  14. before you start any hoisting operation, what should take place?
    to go over what signals will be used and what they mean
  15. when hoisting, the signal man should be situated so what conditions are met?
    have a clear view of operator, object and its path and be out of its path
  16. what are some of the advantages of using synthetic webbing slings rather than wire rope slings when hoisting loads?
    • flexibility- allows it to mold to the shape of the load
    • elasticity- minimizes shock and cushions the load
    • softness- width reduces potential damage to finished surfaces
  17. why is a bowline knot used so much when hoisting?
    because it is easy to tie and untie, when loads applied it does not slip
  18. what is the timber hitch knot mainly used for?
    lowering or hoisting planks tubes and bars
  19. does a knot tied in a rope have any effect on the ropes strength?
    yes its 1/2 as strong with a knot in it
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