Eye Terms

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  1. eyelids
    protect the anterior portion of the eye; contain multiple glands: sebaceous, sweat, accessory lacrimal glands
  2. Tears
    vital to eye health; formed by lacrimal gland and accessory lacrimal glands and secreted as response to reflex or emotional stimuli
  3. Conjunctiva
    Thin transparent mucous membrane containing fine blood vessels provides a barrier to the external environment and nourish the eye
  4. Goblet cells
    secrete lubricating mucus
  5. limbus
    area where the conjunctiva meets the cornea on outermost edge of iris
  6. sclera
    outer covering of the eyeball, aka "whites of the eye" dense, fibrous structure makes up posterior 5/6 of eye. maintains shape of eyeball and protects intraocular contents from trauma; slightly bluish in young people yellowish in elderly
  7. iris
    colored circular part of the eye which hangs in front of the lens and controls the size of the pupil
  8. pupil
    the opening at the center of the iris. dilates and constricts in response to light through the dilator and sphincter papillae muscles. about 20% have unequal pupils but respond equally to light
  9. cornea
    transparent, avascular, domelike structure, forms the anterior portion of the eyeball. it is the main refracting surface of the eye. Epithelial cells are completely replaced every 7 days
  10. Anterior chamber
    the space between the cornea and the iris; filled with clear aqueous humor
  11. Aqueous Humor
    produced in the posterior chamber by the ciliary body and drains into the anterior chamber through the trabecular meshwork, then through the canal of schlem, then into the vascular system; continually replenished; nourished the cornea
  12. Uvea
    consists of the iris,the ciliary body and the choroid
  13. choroid
    middle covering of the eyeball containing veins and arteries which nourish the retina
  14. Retina
    composed of 10 microscopic layers and has the consistency of wet tissue paper. it is the innermost covering of the eyeball containing nerve fibers connecting with the brain through the optic nerve. Landmarks of retina can be viewed through the pupil and include the optic disc the retinal vessels and the macula.
  15. optic disc
    point of entry of the optic nerve into the retina
  16. Retinal Blood Vessels
    emerge from the center of the optic disc
  17. Macula
    Area of the retina responsible for central vision; two important layers of the retinal pigment epithelium which absorbs light and the sensory retina which contains rods (night or low light vision)  and cones (bright light, color vision, and fine details)
  18. lens
    colorless and almost completely transparent behind pupil and iris. enables focusing of near vision and refocusing of distance vision
  19. Accommodation
    the ability to focus and refocus
  20. Ocular fundus
    Largest chambers of the eye contains the vitreous humor
  21. vitreous humor
    clear gelatinous substance, composed mostly of water and hyaloids membrane.
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