Bentham Utilitarianism

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  1. Bentham pleasure vs pain
    actions should be based off of pain and pleasure

    • causes pleasure - ought to do it
    • causes pain - ought not to do it.
  2. The principle of utility
    approves or disapproves of an action based on its tendancy to augment or diminish pleasure
  3. Characteristics
    • Intensity - pain/pleasure 1-10 (force/vivid)
    • Duration - how long
    • Certainty/Uncertainty
    • Propinquity (nearness)/Remoteness
    • Fecundity (fruitfulness) - will it produce more of the same?
    • Purity - mixed with opposite?
    • Extent - how many people affected
  4. How to use characteristics
    Mathematical and objective. Calculate this and then decide. If pleasurable
  5. Not common good but a sum of individual goods
  6. Why is it not egoism
    Not egoism because its objective and intrinsic. Or rather where its coming from is
  7. Pig vs human scenario
    • Pig has 1000 units of pleasure
    • Human has 950 units of pleasure 

    so according to bentham seems like you'd save the pig because of quantity of pleasure
  8. 2 principles adverse to utility
    • 1. Principle of Asceticism
    • 2. Principle of sympathy and antipathy
  9. Principle of Ascenticism
    • right - decreases pleasure
    • wrong - increases pleasure 

    This principle is unnatural b/c you cannot will it for an extended time
  10. Principle of Sympathy/Antipathy
    • Right if the person approves of it. 
    • Wrong if the person disapproves of it 

    • ** Try to impose my preference on you.
    • Personal pleasure --> try to impose my preference on you
  11. 4 sources/sanctions of pleasure/pain
    • 1. Physical Sensation
    • 2. Political/Legal/Gov
    • 3. Moral Social Interpersonal Conflict
    • 4. Religious - God

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