the age of exploration: Asia and the Americas

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  1. why is the Modern age sometimes called the European Age?
    because the modern European civilization has so profoundly influenced the world that the modern age is called this
  2. who may have made the first discovery of America?
    Leif Ericson
  3. Explain the significance of England's defeat of the Spanish Armada to American history
    because England may have ceased to exist an independent country
  4. how did the crusades lead to the Age of Exploration?
    revive European intreast  in trade with the east
  5. In what nation did the age of crusades merge with the age of exploration?
  6. name the first European to travel the length of asia?
    marco polo
  7. what was Christopher Columbus's plan for reaching the far east?
    he believed that Asia could be reached from Europe by sailing westward across the Atlantic ocean
  8. describe the religious motives of Christopher Columbus
    he prayed and went through the daily prayers more than the priest did
  9. who agreed to assist Columbus?
    King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella
  10. who actually did become the first European to reach the Far East bu sea?
    Vasco da Gama
  11. for whom was America named?
    Amerigo Vespucci
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