SNC1DW Chapter 10

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  1. Electricity
    A form of energy that is a result of charged particles, namely electrons and protons.

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  2. Static charge
    An electric charge that stays on an object instead of flowing, thus the name static.

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  3. Charging by friction
    A form of creating net static charge by rubbing two materials together.

    i.e. Rubbing your hair on a balloon is a from of charging by friction.
  4. Electrostatic Series
    A list of materials based on their ability to hold on to electrons.

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  5. Insulator
    A material that does not allow electrons to move easily between atoms.

    i.e. Vinyl has a strong hold on electrons, and therefore is an insulator.
  6. Conductor
    A material that allows electrons to move easily through atoms.

    i.e. The human body allows easy electron flow, so it is a conductor.
  7. Semiconductor
    A material where electrons can move somewhat easily between atoms.

    i.e. Silk and cotton have a fairly strong hold on electrons and are considered semiconductors.
  8. Ground
    An object that can add or take away a large number of electrons to neutralize it.

    i.e. The Earth's surface is an example of a ground. It's ability to supply or take away electrons is so great that it always remains neutral.
  9. Electroscope
    A device used to detect an electrical charge.

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  10. Charging by contact
    Generating a charge on a neutral object by touching it.

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  11. Laws of electric charges
    States how two objects interact electrically when they are charged or neutral.

    • i.e. Like charges repel
    • Opposite charges attract
    • Any charge attracts a neutral object
  12. Electric field
    An area of space around a charged object where its charge's effect is felt by other objects.

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  13. Induced charge separation
    The movement of electrons in a substance without contact between objects due to electrical fields.

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  14. Ion
    a charged atom or group of atoms.

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  15. Lightning Rod
    A metal sphere or point attached to a building's highest point and is connected to the ground.

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  16. Electrostatic precipitator
    A cleaner that removes unwanted particles and liquid from a gas flow.

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  17. Van de Graaff generator
    A device that accumulates and transfers very large charges.

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  18. Radiation dosimeter
    A device that detects and measures exposure to radiation.

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