Brady laguage arts vocab 3-24-14

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  1. Abyss
    a deep or bottom pit
  2. Befall
    to happen, occur; to happen to
  3. Crucial
    of supreme importance, decisive, critical
  4. Dregs
    the last remining part, the part of the least worth
  5. Embody
    to give form; to incorportate, include; to personify
  6. Exasperate
    to irritable, annoy, or anger
  7. Fiasco
    the complete collaspe or failure of a project
  8. Garnish
    to adorn or decorate, especially food
  9. Heritage
    an inheritence; a birthright
  10. Inert
    lifeless, unable to move or act; slow, inactive
  11. Mercenary
    acting or working for self-gain only
  12. Negligent
    marked by carelessness or indifference; failing to do what should be done
  13. Obilivation
    forgetfulness, disregard, state of being forgetten; an amnesty general pardon
  14. Opus
    an impressive piece of work, especially a musical composition or other work of art
  15. Pallid
    pale, lacking color; weak and lifeless
  16. Parable
    a short narrative designed to teach a moral lesson
  17. Rational
    based on reasoning; able to make use of reason; sensible, reasonable
  18. Reciprocal
    shared; involving give-and-take between two persons or things; working in both directions
  19. Stricture
    a limitation or restriction; a critcism
  20. Veneer
    a thin outer layer; a surface appearance or decroation
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Brady laguage arts vocab 3-24-14
Brady laguage arts vocab 3-24-14
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