Electricity Chapter 10

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  1. Electricity
    The energy that is the result of charged particles such as ions or electrons.
  2. Static Charge (Static Electricity)
    An electric charge that collects on the surface of an object, instead of leaving the surface.
  3. Charging By Friction
    The process in which materials rub against each other producing a static charge on each other by gaining charge.
  4. Electrostatic Series
    A list that ranks different materials by their ability to hold on to charges.Image Upload 1
  5. Insulator
    A material in which electrons don't move easily from one atom to another.

    e.g. Wood, Plastic
  6. Conductor
    • A material in which electrons move easily between the atoms.
    • e.g Copper, Gold
  7. Semiconductor
    A material in which electrons can move in between an insulator and conductor.
  8. Ground
    The ground is a refrence point that can supply or remove a large number of electrons from an object causing the object to become neutral.
  9. Electroscope
    • An instrument for detecting and measuring the precense and magnitude of electric charge.¬†
    • e.g Metal Leaf Electroscope, Pith ball
  10. Charging By Contact
    When a charged object gives charge to another object through contact.
  11. Laws of electric charges
    The laws of electric charges are that opposites attract, like charges repel, and that neutral attracts.
  12. Induced Charge Seperation
    The movement of electrons in a material which is caused by the electric field of a close charged object interacting with another object without direct contact between the substance and the object.
  13. Ion
    An atom or molecule with an electric charge due to a loss or gain of electrons.Image Upload 2
  14. Lightning Rod
    A metal rod fixed to a high part of a building or other tall structure which is used to divert energy from lighting into the ground.
  15. Electrostatic Precipitator
    A device that removes dust particles from gas or exhaust by appling a high voltage electrostatic charge and collecting the particles on charged plates. First commercialized by Frederick Gardner Cottrell.
  16. Van De Graaff Generator
    A machine devised to produce a high voltage by using a belt that collectes electrostatic charge from a power source which gets transferred to a large metal dome which accumulates charge.Image Upload 3
  17. Radiation Dosimeter
    A machine that measures a person, animal or objects exposure to radiation. Used in places with higher levels of radiation.
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