Williams Criticism of Utilitarianism

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  1. 2 characteristics
    • 1. Principle of impartiality 
    • 2. Negative Responsibility
  2. Principle of impartiality
    I must not give my pleasure a higher preference
  3. Negative Responsibility
    you are responsible fore what other people do that you could have prevented
  4. Scenario: George the chemist
    George is a chemist and jobless. Bossman says if you don't take the job, I'll take it to someone else. Btw that dude is crazy and terrible and could make it like SUPER bad. 

    According to util, take the job because world would be worse with that dude
  5. Scenario: Jim the botanist
    Jim is a botanist. Walks into village and gov has 20 villagers they're about to execute. BUT Jim can kill 1 and let 19 live. 

    According to util, Jim must kill. 

    But executor has commitment to army and jim has a commitment to pacifist
  6. Main criticism
    • By following principle of impartiality, util violates integrity (being true to yourself/commitment/conviction) 
    • those things are part of your identity thus util doesn't allow for personal input
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