2005PSY Week 1

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  1. What is the Pychological triad?
    • -How people think
    • -How people feel
    • -How people behave
    • It is the study of the whole person
  2. Define Personality
    An individual's characteristic patterns of thought, emotion and behaviour, together with psychological mechanisms - hidden or not - behind those patterns.
  3. What is the goal of Personality Psychology?
    • -To explain the whole person in their daily environment (cannot account for everything)
    • -To create an integrated view of the person
  4. Define "Basic Approaches"
    • -AKA paradigms
    • -Theoretical views of personality that focus on some phenomenon and ignore others
    • -A way to limit what aspect of personality is examined
  5. Identify 9 paradigms
    Trait, Biological, Psychoanalytic, Phenomenological, Humanistic, Cross-cultural, Learning, Social learning, Cognitive.
  6. Explain the Trait approach
    focuses on how people differ (analyses their dimensions)
  7. Explain the Biological approach
    • Focuses on the biological mechanism
    • eg. physiology, genetics
  8. Explain the Psychoanalytic approach
    • Focuses on the internal processes
    • eg. unconscious and mental conflicts
  9. Explain the Phenomenological approach
    Focuses on awareness and experience
  10. Explain the Humanistic approach
    Focuses on how awareness produces human attributes
  11. Explain the Cross-cultural approach
    Focuses on how experience varies between culture
  12. Explain the Learning approach
    Focuses on how behaviour changes as a result of rewards, punishments and life experiences
  13. Explain the Social Learning approach
    focuses on observation and self-evaluation
  14. Explain the Cognitive approach
    focuses on perception, memory and thought processes
  15. Advantages of Personality psychology?
    • -Makes personality inclusive, interesting and important
    • -The basic approaches utilised are good at addressing certain topics
  16. Disadvantages os Personality psychology?
    • -Can lead to overinclusiveness or unfocussed research
    • -The basic approaches utilised are poor at addressing other topics or simply ignores them
  17. What is the goal of Personality Psychology?
    To attempt to explain how and why people differ
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