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  1. what is the best definition of calorie
    the amount of energy it takes to raise the temp of water by 1 degree celcius
  2. BMR or RMR is best defined as
    the amount of energy needed to provide for all internal working activities at rest
  3. in nutrition a kilocalorie is used to
    measure energy input and output
  4. a thyroid with lowered activity, hypothyroidism, causes
    decreased energy needs
  5. the BMR or RMR takes what into account
    energy needs for vital metabolic needs
  6. TE or thermic effects of food
    includes the energy that comes from digesting,transporting,and absorbing nutrients
  7. what makes the largest contribution to the total amount of energy used in a given day
    resting metabolic expenditure or basal metabolic rate
  8. pku is a deficiency of what
    phenylalanine hydroxylase
  9. what are two monosaccharides that make lactose
    glucose and galactose
  10. what is the name of the enzyme that makes sucrose
  11. what enzymes are designed for carb digestion
    salivary amylase and pancriatic amylase
  12. what is kwashiorikor
    second baby is born mom feeds new baby and the older baby is malnourished because mothers milk is deficient
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